Types Of Genres In Literature

Literature is a subject that is like music in the sense that there are so many types of genres in literature and every one of these appeals to different types of people. If you are someone who has read many literature books you would see that writers such as Shakespeare have written different types of books and they have been involved in writing different types of books for different types of genres in literature. We usually read different types of genres in literature but do not realize that we are reading is related to different genre of literature.

Poetry is one of the types of genres in literature. Many people who were authors, story and script writers were also poets at the same time. Stanzas and rhymes are used to convey a message to the reader. Metaphors are and have popularly been used to convey certain messages as well. Not all poems use rhyming though- in some cases rhymes are used while in others they are not. Metaphors are used more widely as are proverbs. Some poems are humorous while others are more melancholic but every poem is written to convey a certain message to the reader.

Short stories are also amongst the various types of genres in literature where the writer takes a theme and writes a short story on it. You know how there are certain books that have a ‘lesson’ at the end of it? Short story books are like those- they are used to convey a point, belief, aspect or view and are and were popularly used for this purpose. There are many short story books that allow the reader to get an idea of what the writer/author is all about, what he believed in and what he was/is trying to convey to the readers too.

Plays are also certain types of genres in literature. The most famous and world-known play writer was and is, the one and only, Shakespeare who has written so many plays that people around the world read. His plays have become an important part of literature around the world- Macbeth being one of the most popular plays ever written. Much like any other work in literature, plays are made with a particular central them but rather than explaining things in words, scenes and acts are used to convey a message to the audience. The story isn’t narrated by words but by dialogues instead.

Novels are also certain types of genres in literature- a book is written which, again, focuses on a central theme and this theme is used in order to be able to come up with a story and explain what they writer had in mind via characters. The characters, plot and the story are all products of the theme. Famous novels include The Great Gatsby, Wuthering Heights and many other novels of the sort. There are many modern novels too and all novels, poems and plays (contemporary or not) are included in the various types of genres in literature.