Types Of Genres In Fiction

This article explores the various types of genres in fiction. All fields of study which are vast and cannot be understood as a whole need breaking down into parts. In the field of literature these parts into which different ways of writing are divided are known as genres. Novels, plays, short stories, novellas, etc are a few examples of literary genres. Not only can these be further divided into many sub genres, these main genres fall under two larger categories. Any piece of writing can either be fictional or non- fictional.

Fiction is that piece of work in which the author writes about events and facts that are borne purely out of his imagination. If a piece of work based on real life happenings has elements of the author’s imagination in it, then too, the work will fall in the category of fiction. Following are the types of genres in fiction:


The works in these types of genres in fiction are widely read due to an amalgamation of an assortment of elements like adventure, lavishness, emotion and primarily, love. Romance as a genre has undergone various changes in meaning, but the basic idea is of a hero coming over odds to rescue a damsel in distress who falls in love with him. Romance also exists in the form of a fusion with other genres of fiction. Examples of some writers who write romance are Nicholas Sparks, Judith McNaught and Erich Segal.


The mystery genre of fiction deals with committing and solving of crimes. The work builds up with collecting clues. The solution marks the climax of the mystery. This task is carried by a detective or a detective like character. Examples of mystery writers are Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie.


Thriller takes the genre of mystery one step ahead. The tension created by suspense is much higher in these types of genres in fiction. What heightens the excitement is the fact that there is a constant threat of physical harm. Examples of thrillers writers can be Ian Flemming and John Grisham.


Science fiction types of genres in fiction consist of settings and characters that do not belong to this world or those which have possibility of occurrence in the future. This genre is different from the genre of fantasy because the other- worldly happenings in sci-fi can be justified as opposed to unexplainable happenings in fantasy. Some of the well- known works of science fiction have been produced by writers like Isaac Asimov and Douglas Adams.


The blood curdling works of fiction that brings alive all the fears in one’s mind fall in the genre of horror. The main motive is to scare the reader by weaving a story that brings the reader face to face with all that he/ she may be scared of, like the fear of the supernatural, aliens or death.

These were the main types of genres in fiction. Many such works have come up in recent times that do not fall clearly in one category, but combine elements of various genres to cater the interest of a larger readership.