Types Of Genres For Kids

types of genres for kids

Children’s literature is a broad area that covers a lot of fields and contains different types of genres for kids. The types of genres for kids depend on several aspects such as age.


Picture books are the types of genres for kids that provide a visual experience for the kids and help them to imagine about the situation being discussed in the corresponding story. Picture books can also be considered as a book that tells story by using pictures. It is not necessary that picture books must contain text and the pictures are sufficient enough to explain the full content of the book. However, the content of the picture books depend on the targeted age group. Picture books with stories will be targeted at kids of a particular age group where as the picture books for small kids might contain the illustration for alphabets or such small and simple things only. There are also another category called as fun book for kids who don’t read and such books are mainly for kids to play with.


Another types of genres for kids that kids find interesting is folk tales. Folk tales include common folks regarding the things they encounter in their daily life or even made up stories that include talking animals and such features. Folk tales are mainly used for explaining things related to life to kids in an easy to understand way.


Fairy tales are the types of genres for kids that are filled with fantasies and dream like imaginations. Such stories include stories about angels and such magical forces. Fairy tales almost always follow the pattern of happy ending stories and in most cases fairy tales will be about the virtue winning over evil forces and the evil being punished.


The stories that contain a moral ending are called as fables. Such types of genres for kids are used for teaching kids the lessons about life and most popular fables are credited to Aesop who lived in 6th century BC who used to tell stories involving animals and such inanimate objects.


Legends are the stories that are made based and around the lives of real persons lived. In legends, the reality may not necessarily be repeated and instead exaggerated or made up stories about the person’s adventures and such activities are told to kids. In legends, the person around who’s life the legend developed will be attributed with all virtues and his good deeds will be the focus of such types of genres for kids.


Myths are associated with ancient past and are always related to things such as god, nature and the beginning of time kind of things. Myths are the made up stories and sequence of tales that related but are always told in such a way that they are all true. Most of the myths can be considered as stories that portray themselves as the representatives of the past.