Types Of Genetic Research

Genetic research has helped us come a long way and today we are able to do a lot more due to the various types of genetic research. The discovery of stem cells have made it possible to grow back certain body parts and the discovery of the ability to manipulate the DNA in plants and animals has helped in the production of better crops and animals as well. This way there is less shortage of food and a lot of other types of genetic research has made it possible for us to do so much more than we could have a decade or so ago.

One the many types of genetic research is stem cell research. As has been stated above, this form of research has taken mankind a long way ahead from where we used to be. This form of research is said to be concerned with genomics. It basically, as is obvious, is concerned with the effect of stem cells on mankind and the way it could affect us. So far people have been able to re-grow lost fingers, nails and other body parts due to stem cell research though further funding is required for more research.

Forensics is another of the number of types of genetic research. This type of research has helped police departments and detectives in getting leads on who a murderer or bomber may have been. Have you ever seen one of those shows where detectives collect hair or guns at a crime scene? Basically, what they do is that they use these types of genetic research to be able to figure out who was responsible for committing the crime in the first place. This type of research is actually carried out quite frequently in police departments.

Gene therapy is one of those types of genetic research that is done to discover ways to help people and assist them in getting better in the long run. Certain diseases are genetic and it is thought that the only way to permanently cure them is via gene therapy. Examples of these diseases include hypothyroid, hyperthyroid and such like. It involves the introduction of certain genes into the patient’s body to help him or her recover or at least, help them get better.

Agricultural genetic research is one of those types of genetic research that is carried out to improve the quality of the crops and food that are produced today. There is a serious issue of shortage of certain types of food in the world today and in some countries food is rare because of the climate, soil and the effect of climate on certain countries’ crop production can be seen in Africa where there is a serious lack of food today.

Various types of genetic research benefit people in various ways and this type of research has helped us in so many ways. It is said that poverty, famine and other problems of the sort can become a thing of the past due to agricultural genetic research.