Types Of Food Spoilage

Everything perishes and gets spoiled at some point in time because everything has an expiry date regardless of whether it is manufactured or natural and that is why there are various types of food spoilage as well. The reason that things get spoiled is that there are bacteria in the air and fungus around us which exist around us. You will often see even bread decomposes and gets spoiled if you leave it out in the open for too long and that’s the case with fruits and other foods as well.

One of the types of food spoilage that occurs due to microorganisms is microbial spoilage. Have you ever seen how bread becomes green or gray from one end? That is due to the existence of mold. The mold grows because it forms spores on such foods and spreads from there on. These are present in the air and when they find a place that is suitable to settle on, they form spores on them and grow on foods which leads to food spoilage as result. These can also be found in foods that are high certain types of acids.

Yeast can also cause certain types of food spoilage and this usually occurs in foods that are high in sugar content. Yeast is present in the air all around us and if you happen to leave foods such as grapes out for too long you would see and smell that they become vinegary- this is due to decomposition by yeast that is present in the air- the same bacteria is also used in order to make beer and alcoholic drinks.

Another of the many types of food spoilage is known as bacterial spoilage in which case the bacteria is responsible for the decomposition of certain types of foods. These may cause the foods to become soft, flaccid and/or mushy. In some cases, some foods such as tomatoes consist of enzymes which cause the food to breakdown from the inside. These types of food spoilage lead to the food looking unsightly and their texture and flavor may change as well. These types of food naturally have enzymes that break them down and affect them. Oxygen can cause these types of food spoilage as well because they cause the food to get oxidize. If you leave a fruit out in the open for too long you would see how it gets affected due to oxidization.

Then there are those types of food spoilage that are affected by fungi of sorts. Fungus settles on foods and breaks them down in order to be able to grow and decompose the food item further. They can make foods seem quite unsightly and gross and it would be good to throw away any food that are affected by these types of food spoilage.

Food spoilage can be slowed down or prevented via the use of preservatives but it is said that it is best for one to avoid keeping such foods for too long as the chemicals used to preserve food can be harmful for the person eating them.