Types Of Food Mold

Everything that is natural molds and perishes because that just is how they are made and because of this there are different types of food mold that we come across which makes food inedible. The foods that we eat in the world of today, if made of natural ingredients, when exposed to the air around us and such like gets molded because of the fact that certain bacteria, fungus or microorganisms settle on the foods and affect them. Molds occur due to fungus though and since the process is irreversible, the food item must be thrown away.

One of the various types of food mold occurs due to the fungus known as Stachybotrys which, as per research, is a class of molds that occurs due to asexual reproduction of the fungus. When the quality of air indoors is of poor quality, the exposure of certain types of foods and fruits to the surrounding would lead to the growth of such fungus. The fungus then settles on the food item and spreads. You can tell when the molding procedure begins because the food item will become extremely soft, unsightly and may even smell bad.

Another of the various types of food mold occurs due to the fungus known as Mucor which you can find on certain soils and on decomposing vegetables. Usually it reproduces via asexual reproduction though it can go for sexual reproduction too. They are resistant to weather changes, heat and can adapt to conditions no matter how averse they may be. Penicillium is also one of the funguses that cause certain types of food mold. If you leave an orange out in the open for too long you would see pencillium on it after a few days. The mold that develops would be somewhat greyish in color and they also tend to cause the oranges to get soft and cause decomposition of the orange. These can be seen on other citrus fruits such as grapefruits and such like. Though this causes food mold, penicillium is also used to make antibiotics in order to combat or reduce the growth of certain bacteria in the human body.

Rhizopus is another fungus that causes certain types of food mold. There are vary types of the fungus- some of these can be found on bread and rotting fruits while others are used in some countries and continents in order to make alcoholic beverage.

These are funguses that cause some of the many types of food mold. The problem with funguses is that they exist everywhere in the air and can be quite toxic once they settle on food particles. The process of molding cannot be reversed though it can only be prevented via packing. Some foods that are contained in cans and preservatives tend to stay safe from these but the preservatives only play a role in preventing mold to an extent because at some point the food can get affected. However, some of these funguses are quite useful and are used by pharmaceuticals for the production of medicines too.