Types Of Food Menus

You would come across various types of food menus nowadays. When you think of the types of food menus your first thought may be that the menus differ due to the dishes and type of restaurant you are going into and though you would be right to an extent that is not the only case. The types of food menus are different even in one country and it depends upon the location and upon where you go. Food menus aren’t always available at just restaurants after all! You can come across these anywhere and even in restaurants you would come across different menus.

You would come across certain types of food menus at hospitals. In some cases you may go to a hospital after sustaining an injury while in other cases you may go due to a disease that you may be suffering from due to a certain types of deficiency. In either case the types of food menus may vary and your doctor would recommend you what to eat and how to eat it (in what quantities and such like) accordingly. These types of food menus may be specific to your bodily conditions and requirements as well.

One of the many types of food menus you would come across in many restaurants is the kids’ menu where certain types of foods are made especially for kids since they cannot eat more than a certain amount of food and they tend to go for foods that are different from what an adult would eat. For example, a child wouldn’t be willing to eat spicy food just as an adult wouldn’t be full on, say, a small burger that would be enough for a child. You are bound to come across these types of food menus in fast food restaurants and such like.

Another of the many types of food menus you would come across is the wine menu. If you go to Italy, Spain and/or hotels and restaurants in any other country in the world (except for Islamic ones) you would be served with a menu for drinks and these would be served along with, or separately from, the normal food menu. Some people tend not to like the idea of wine and alcohol being offered on the food menu because of which you would find these types of menus in restaurants being served separately.

Then there are those types of food menus that are served on airplanes to guests that are traveling from one destination to the next. The menu may vary depending upon the plane you go for and the kind of seats you book. For example, you may be able to enjoy greater variety, where drinks are concerned, if you sat in a first-class seat as opposed to going to those types of food menus that are served at other seats within the plane. Similarly restaurants might offer different types of food menus too especially if they have a pizzeria and fine dining at the same time.