Types Of Food In Egypt

Apart from its endowments of magnificent ancient monuments, there are different types of food in Egypt. The food found in Egypt is a combination of different food types that came into Egypt throughout its existence. There aren’t anywhere in the world where you will be able to have a taste of different types of food cultures in the same place. The following is a list of the different types of food in Egypt today.


Widely regarded as a national dish in Egypt, Kushari is made of different food ingredients including chickpeas, garlic, caramelized onions, rice, and tomato sauce. For more than a century, it has remained the most common types of food in Egypt. It may interest you to know that kushari did not originate in Egypt. It was among the numerous dishes imported by British Army during the 19th century. The rice was brought in from Asia, the tomato from Latin America, and the pasta from Italy. But the single idea of mixing them all in one preparation was an idea conceived in Egypt.

Ful Medames

This is a very popular food of all the types of food in Egypt. The food is made of lemon juice, garlic, and lava beans which is usually served with oil. It is one of the earliest foods eaten in Egypt and is still very common today. Apart from the above listed ingredients, they can also be served with other ingredients such as pastrami, boiled or fried eggs, tahini, tomato sauce, and butter. The food has become a foreign exchange earner as they are being exported to several Middle Eastern countries including Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Syria.


Fatta is regarded as a Nubian dish and is commonly prepared for festive celebrations. Its ingredients include garlic, slices of fried bread covered with meat soup made of vinegar. Fatta is also one of the most common types of food in Egypt, though not frequently eaten because of its high caloric content.


These are prepared from leaves of corchorus and jute plants that basically grow in north and east Africa. It is usually prepared by picking the leaves and cooking with other mixtures. The food can be served with rabbit or beef, chicken, bread, or rice. Mulukhiya is one of the types of food in Egypt that can be prepared differently in different regions.


This is also one of the types of food in Egypt that is served only on occasions, particularly during Sham-El-Nessim festival. It has pharaonic origins and has been the number one food choice for this type of festival for years. Preparation of Feseekh is always handled properly because a wrong preparation can cause food poisoning. It is most commonly served with lemons, diced onions, and Egyptian bread.

Taro/Colcasia Soup

This is one of the types of food in Egypt that are not of Egyptian origen. They were introduced into the region through the Mediterranean during the ancient times. Today, Taro is one of the most popular types of food in Egypt.

Other popular types of food in Egypt include Halawa, Gibna Domiati, Dukkah, and Konafah.