Types Of Food Genres

There are several types of food genres which are grouped according to food practices and traditions with specific region or culture. Each genre deals with the preparation of a particular style of drink and food either made individually or separate meals. Each of these types of food genres are usually given names according to where they originated from, and each genre is basically influenced by the type of ingredient used in making them. The following are the classification of the different types of food genres.

Regional cuisines: These are usually based upon local, state, or national regions. They are distinct from each other according to the cultural differences, cooking practices and traditions, varying climates, and trade availability. Under these types of food genres is the traditional cuisine which is based upon the daily kitchen lives of people in a particular region which has evolved over a long period of time.

Other classifications and types of food genres

African cuisine

These are the various cuisines made in Africa based on a combination of meat products, vegetables, grains, and fruits. In a lot of areas in the continent, the most basic traditional diet is made of whey products, curd, and milk. But in most tropical regions of Africa, there is inadequate supply of cow’s milk which is not produced locally because of livestock diseases. The various demographic settings of the continent is shown in their various preparation techniques, dishes, and drinking and eating habits of the teeming population.

Asian cuisine

Asia equally has different types of food genres and the ingredients that are widely available for people of this region include, tofu, soy, dried onions, chilies, sesame seeds, garlic, ginger, and rice. Their most common food preparation methods include deep frying, steaming, and stir frying. Rice is very common in this region and there are different varieties such as short grain (found in Korea and Japan), long rice grain (in China), Jasmine (Southeast Asia), and Bastmati. Curry is another very common ingredient in eastern and southern Asia.

European cuisine

Equally called western cuisine, these types of food genres include popular cuisines in Europe including other non indigenous dishes of Latin America, Oceania, Australasia, and North America.

Oceanian food genres

There are equally different types of food genres in Oceanie. These cuisines/food genre include Tasmanian cuisine, New Zealand cuisine, Australian cuisine, and other island cuisines and genres throughout Oceania.

American food genre

There are several types of food genres found across South America and North America, and they are dependent on the countries the immigrants came, particularly Europe. But most people have adapted the traditional cuisines by the inclusion of several local ingredients. Also, a lot of cooking techniques and methods have been included to differentiate the traditional food genres from other types of food genres brought into America by Europeans.

There are several of these food genres including Caribbean cuisine, South American cuisine, Central American cuisine, Mexican cuisine, American cuisine, and Canadian cuisine.

There are many other classifications of food genres which are all based on the type of culture and vegetation found in the region.