Types Of Food For Dogs

If you are looking for the best types of food for dogs for your canine friend, there are several options available to you. But your dog might have different taste and nutritional needs than other kinds of dogs. That is why it is important to give your pet companion the right kind of food for its overall health. There are four main types of food for dogs: dry food, raw food diet, canned food, and semi-moist food.

Dry food

This is one of the most common types of food for dogs and they are very common in the market. Their availability makes them suitable for feeding your dogs every day. Another benefit of dry food is its durability. They can last for very long periods of time and can be stored for later meals. Dry dog foods are stuffed with vegetables, fruits, quality protein, and other important ingredients your dog needs for growth and vitality.

Raw food diet

These are equally called BARF. Raw food diets have the shiniest coats among all the types of food for dogs. But their disadvantage often make then an unpopular choice as their raw nature make them prone to bacteria. Their short shelf life is also a drawback on these types of food for dogs.

Canned food

These types of food for dogs can be very good options for your canine if they don’t have problems with the gastrointestinal upset and bad breath they can cause. Though a lot of preservatives are used to make the canned food, some additives used to improve their taste and flavor can be unhealthy for your pet.

Semi-moist food

These are considered the unhealthiest of all types of food for dogs. They are full of sweeteners and preservatives that your dog might love, but are very unhealthy. The reason why people still buy them is because they are relatively cheap.

Other types of food for dogs

If your dog is a little too choosy or has certain food allergies, then it is better to feed it with hypoallergenic foods. These types of food for dogs are meant for dogs that do not accept all types of food. Some of these foods may exclude common triggers like wheat gluten, soya, and chicken. Several kinds of these dog foods exist with different prices. When going for hypoallergenic foods, it is important to concentrate on the ingredient used in preparing the food rather than the price.

So, with your knowledge of the different types of food for dogs, you can be able to decide which types of food you should buy for your pet companion. Just like humans, whet your dog eats will go a long way to determine how healthy it will be. If you are looking for the healthiest food, then dry food should be the ultimate choice. But if you prefer mixing things up and give your dog some good taste, you can add some canned foods to its meals. This should not be done frequently but on occasional basis. There is no doubt plenty of options to choose from when considering the right type of food for your dog.