Types Of Food Disorders

Food disorders can be happened because of irregular or peculiar food habit. Various types of food disorders can be occurred because of having excessive or less food.

Different types of food disorders can be found. Some of them discussed below:

Anorexia Nervosa:

The affected person have fear to have excessive weight. Someone can suffer in this problem unconsciously. Anorexia Nervosa can cause serious problems like loss of bone or losing the skin integrity and other diseases like these. It can harm the heart. So, the risk of heart attack can be increased. Also other problems which are related to heart attack can be increased because of this problem. Even, it can cause death! The society can create pressures on any individual in this regard. Also, the media play a vital role to create this obsession. But, it’s a biological issue.

Bulmia Nervosa:

Having excessive binge can cause various types of food disorders. Bulmia nervosa is one of those. It can be caused because of having excessive binge. This habit can be followed by vomiting by self induction, using too much diuretics, or excessive exercise. Over-exercising and can be used as the way of purging while following binge.

Food disorder because of binge eating:

This can occur because of having too much binge but it don’t result any compensatory behavior. This problem is more common among human than the previously stated problems. This can occur different aged people but staying in range.


The problem is really dangerous. The person affected by this problem can’t understand which are food items and which are not. The affected persons have interest in non-food items or such food items which doesn’t have any nutrition.

Night eating syndrome:

The affected person generally skip their breakfast and have an irregular diet. It consists of ‘morning anorexia’ which means to lose appetite in morning. It also includes ‘evening hyperphagia’ which means to have too appetite for eating from evening. It can cause of an attempt to reduce weight. But, the person can be seriously affected because of this.

Sleep Eating disorder:

Among the different types of food disorders this one can be happened in any stage of life. This can result problems in sleeping patterns. Sleeping problems can be caused because of both over eating and under eating and it can cause sleeping too much or too little. In fact, the appropriate cause is still not clear and needs huge research still.

Body Dismorphic Disorder (BDD):

A serious mental problem can be created because of this problem. The affected person keeps a constant fear in his or her mind. The BDD can classified into two categories; one is delusional type (having hallucination where the object fully imagined) and the other is non-delusional (the defect is small but the patient thinks it too big). However, the delusional type is more common. Because of BDD, a person can have an attempt to suicide too!

Only a few types of food disorders are discussed here. More disorders can exist. SO, more research is required to identify those and also proper solutions of the existing problems are required.