Types Of Food Dishes

There is so much diversity in the world where food is concerned which is why you would come across various types of food dishes. Every country has its own specialty and every city within every country also has its own tastes and popular types of food dishes that have made these places famous. While in some cases these food dishes are comfort foods, in others they have more to do with other types of food that are eaten for meals and such like.

One of the most popular types of food dishes is the one that belongs to the subcontinent (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh). Food dishes here are spicy and a lot of spices and oil is added to the food to give it flavor, fragrance and to cook it. Though the locals of these places are used to eating such food, foreigners are not and many people who travel to these places love to try these types of food dishes because of how delectable they are due to the addition of various types of spices. Spices are added in so many foods which make them all the more tastier and that is why the types of food dishes made here are so popular.

Another of the various types of food dishes is the European type. Here the food is delicious but they are not spicy the way they are in the subcontinent. The main focus is on foods such as pastas, breads, cheese and such like. You will come across foods such as lasagna and other foods of the sort where cream is used quite heavily as well. In addition to this you would find pork being added to these types of food dishes too (something which is not allowed in Islamic countries). These types of food dishes consist of little to no spices but are quite delectable nevertheless.

In the Middle East you would find that the types of food dishes made in the region may seem similar to the foods that are made in the subcontinent but they are not as spicy nor as rich in oil. Here the foods are more or less the same (kebabs, boiled rice, roasted chicken and foods) but the spice content is a lot less. The people of the region go for beef, chicken and fish where most types of food dishes in the region are concerned.

These are some types of food dishes that are popular and known of. Where other countries are concerned, other types of food dishes are more popular. For example, in America the types of food dishes that the American eat are high in fat content and most of them go for junk food because it is easy to prepare, delicious and can be filling. In other countries the types of food dishes are dependent upon the affordability. If you go to Africa you would see that the basics are goat milk and cheese because many people cannot afford to buy other things and foods there.