Types Of Food By Country

Every country is known for being good at making certain types of food and if you have traveled you would know how essential it is to know of the types of food by country. Some restaurants in some countries may show you the same foods that you make and eat in your country but the way they make it themselves may differ from how you make it in yours and in other cases, the types of food by country vary because of the availability of or lack of certain ingredients due to geographical location or other factors of the sort.

For those of you interested in going to Asia, you will notice that the types of food by country vary though they all exist on the same continent. Pakistan is good at making spicy foods and so, here you will find delicious haandis (which are clay pots in which food is prepared) of chicken and pulses and the staple food here is wheat. You will come across different types of foods even where wheat is concerned- naan, chapattis and such like and a large number of restaurants serve such types of foods too. India and Pakistan serve similar types of dishes and foods. On the other hand if you go to China you will find that the way these guys prepare Chinese foods is very different from the Chinese food you may find in your own country or in India and Pakistan where more spices are added to Chinese foods. In China you will come across seafood and boiled rice (seeing as how rice is the staple food) and the seafood prepared here is bland as compared to the way it is prepared in the countries that were named previously.

So the types of food by country are prepared and seasoned differently.

In Malaysia you will see that the types of food by country vary from what you may have eaten in other countries in Asia. Since some countries follow religion you will see that the way they prepare foods are completely different from what you may normally be used to. By way of example, in Canada or the US you would be used to eating pepperoni on pizza which is made of pork. In the Middle East these types of food by country would be made differently since they do not eat pork or pig meat at all. Here chicken or beef is used to make pepperoni instead.

The types of food by country may differ due to a number of reasons though this is primarily due to religious reasons. Every country prepares food in different ways due to religious obligations. In other countries the types of food by country are made using different animals or dishes while in other cases different spices (or no spices) may be used to prepare the dish.

Even if you go to fast food restaurants and franchises you will see the types of food by country differ- they even taste completely different from what you may be used to.