Types Of Food Acids

Unless you are or were a biology or chemistry student you wouldn’t know this but many types of food acids exist. Every food has some amount of acid and some types of food acid in them which give them the taste that you experience when you eat them. This is normal though- these aren’t one those types of acids that would burn your insides! These types of food acids are normal and are actually healthy in small amounts. Every food consists of some acid or the other though we may not realize this.

One of the many types of food acids is citric acid. You can find these types of food acids in fruits such as oranges, strawberries and lemons and limes. These are just some of the many types of foods that do consist of citric acid. You can generally smell these food acids because they have a very typical and strong smell to them. These acids, though also used in pharmacies, are not unhealthy and nor would they give you the kind of reaction you would think they would. It is actually used for the supplementation of food and is quite healthy. It is not digested in the body and comes out in the form of urine.

Sodium chloride is another of the various types of food acids. You know the table salt you add to your foods and French fries? Yeah, those are consistent of certain types of food acids which, to be more specific, is sodium chloride. Sodium chloride is common table salt and it is not unhealthy in moderate amounts but if taken in large amounts they can cause blood pressure or water retention. Older people often complain about water retention because of sodium chloride (which is known to hold on to water) as well.

Then there are those types of food acids is part of the vitamin B complex and it is actually healthy for the body in small amounts. Women are particularly in need of these types of food acids because they are essential for pregnancy. Lack in these types of food acids would lead to anemia. Anemia is a condition in which you tend to lose your color and become pale, strenuous activity becomes difficult to perform and it is also difficult to concentrate. This is due to the inability of red blood cells to efficiently transport oxygen throughout the body- a problem that occurs due to lack of these types of food acids in the system.

Another of the many types of food acids is ascorbic acid. Have you ever heard of the need for vitamin C? When we talk about the need for these vitamins we are actually talking about the need for ascorbic acid. These are required by the body for many reasons and are very healthy. You can find these vitamins in foods that are also high in citric acids. These are also sold in the form of tablets and pills for older people who generally have lesser amounts of these types of food acids.