Types Of Flowers Hummingbirds Like

Hummingbirds are such wonderful birds and getting to know the types of flowers hummingbirds like can give us the power to lure them closer to us. It’s really amazing to watch them fly around and sing around our gardens and this is why it is a smart move to know the types of flowers hummingbirds like so we can place them in our gardens to attract more hummingbirds.

The Sunset Hyssop types of flowers hummingbirds like are basically large tubular flowers. They are called sunset hyssop because of the colors that are present in the flowers – orange, pink and yellow. If you place these sunset hyssops in your garden, you automatically have hummingbird feeders as they are highly attractive to the humming birds.

The butterfly weeds are types of flowers hummingbirds like too. They are known to have bright orange colored flowers. They are low maintenance too and is known to be drought resistant. Not only will these types of flowers hummingbirds like call hummingbirds to your garden, they will also attract butterflies there.

The Red valerian types of flowers hummingbirds like are plants with lots of reddish pink flowers during the spring to summer transition. They are great to have in gardens because you do not have to pay much attention to them maintenance wise because they are known to have long lives and they are known to be self sowing as well.

The Gaura types of flowers hummingbirds like are plants that have whitish pink flowers. When planted beside the red valerian, these are really great looking flowers that will surely get a lot of visit from hummingbirds.

The goldenrod types of flowers hummingbirds like are great providers of nectar. This is why there are many different birds and insects that are drawn to them such as butterflies and hummingbirds. They are known to be last season flowers as well as their flowers usually go full bloom before the year ends.

Hibiscus flowers are loved by many – human, birds, and insects alike. They are known to have big flowers which serve as a beacon for the insects and hummingbirds to come near them.

Liatris are fluffy purple flowers. They are known to have tall spikes too and they are well loved by both butterflies and many different species of hummingbirds.

The tithonia torches are bushy plants that have reddish orange flowers. These are also types of flowers hummingbirds like as they have bright colored flowers.

There are many other types of flowers hummingbirds like. Often times, when hummingbirds like the flowers the other insects like them too, though. Butterflies are seen where humming birds are because they share the same love for the flowers and their nectar. Just always remember that if you want butterflies and hummingbirds in your garden, place more and more bright colored and huge flowers. This way, not only will you be promoting a greener garden, you will also be able to ensure the people you live with that they are breathing fresh air too.