Types Of Fish To Catch

If you love going fishing, you must be able to identify the many types of fish to catch. You see, there may be thousands of species of fishes out there but not all of them are catchable. This is why it is very important that you are able to identify which types of fish to catch. This way, you can prepare yourself and your bait with whatever it is that you need to prepare to make sure that you catch them.

Catfish is among the most common types of fish to catch. Everywhere you go, you will get to see catfishes around. Basically, there are a number of different species of catfish. All of them are fresh water fishes too. The three most common species of catfishes include the flathead catfish, the white catfish, and the channel catfish. Telling catfishes from all other kinds of fishes are easy – just look at their faces and you will see the whiskers that look like those of cats. These whiskers are called barbers. They are known to not have scales too. If you want to know where or what part of the body of water you can catch these, make sure that you check the bottom. They are known bottom dwellers because of the fact that they look for foo d there.

Bass is another very common types of fish to catch. There are a number of bass species too. They are mostly freshwater fishes as well like the catfishes. There are some of them, however, that are able to live in salt water. But the species that are considered to be most common types of fish to catch are the largemouth bass, calico bass, redeye bass, white bass and spotted bass.

Trouts are great types of fish to catch as well. There are five trout species that are commonly caught in freshwater locations. These five species include the brook, brown, rainbow, lake and cutthroat. Most Trouts are known to love the cold water temperature and this is why they mostly found in mountainous bodies of water and uplands.

There are three perch species that are considered great types of fish to catch. These three species include the yellow perch, white perch and the Rio Grande. The yellow perch species are known to be the ones that have the widest distribution among the three. There are different ways that you can catch a perch too. You can catch these fishes through float fishing as well as lure fishing too.

If you prefer the marine types of fish to catch, you have a long list to check out as well. There are many different kinds of types of fish to catch there as the oceans and the seas are quite huge areas. Just some of the small marine fishes that you can catch are the sea trout, flounders, red drum, sheep shead, spot, Atlantic croaker, and many others. As for the bigger ones, you can always go for the blue marlines, yellow fin tunas, Atlantic sturgeons, monkfish, swordfish, and many others.