Types Of Fish Reproduction

Different kinds of fish reproduce differently and so there are certain types of fish reproduction too. Some fishes are hermaphrodites while others need to reproduce with another fish of the opposite gender instead. Livebearers are one of the many types of fish reproduction methods which give birth to fry that swims freely. This is one the various types of fish reproduction and if you happen to check out an aquarium you may get to see the process take place. Guppies are livebearers. In this type of reproduction the male fish fertilize the eggs when the eggs are still inside the female fish via the reproductive organ and this is why this is called internal fertilization. The reproductive organ of the male fish develops from the anal fin which is known as a gonopodium. Once the fry are born you will see that they look like smaller versions of their parents except they may not be as colorful as attractive as them because this only happens when they become mature. Some livebearing females are able to use the semen

of one mate in order to fertilize more than one batch. Guppies are examples of livebearers.

Egg scattering is another of the many types of fish reproduction. What happens in this type of reproduction is that the eggs are released by the female after fertilization. The eggs may be taken away by the currents of the water or the mother may eat them which is why it is important to keep the eggs covered or hidden from the mother. The mother may go to the bottom of the sea to be able to eat the eggs. This is why in some cases breeder places a net over the eggs- so that the adult fish cannot eat her own spawn.

Egg depositing is one of those types of fish reproduction where the adult fish finds a place to deposit its eggs. In some cases the adult fish may want to hide its eggs from other fish and will deposit its eggs in a crevice or a cave. Egg depositers are known to be very defensive of their eggs and will guard their eggs from other types of fish. In other instances they may move the eggs around so that they cannot be found and they sometimes happen to keep the eggs in sites that have been precleaned as well.

Mouth brooding and egg depositing are similar types of fish reproduction methods. The offspring of the brooder would be guarded inside the mouth of the mouth brooder when it is scared. However the eggs are kept in a crater of sorts where the male or female fish fertilizes them before they are picked up by either parent. In some situations the eggs may have been fertilized already by the male while they are being carried by the female in her mouth. In some cases the parent may carry the fry and the eggs both and in other cases they may only carry the eggs instead.