Types Of Fish Pond

Fish ponds are controlled ponds and they are primarily made for what is referred to as fish farming and there are many types of fish pond that you would come across on a daily basis but you may not realize this because they all may appear to be the same. Some of these are bigger in size and so you would come across a larger variety of fishes while others are generally smaller and you may only find one type of fish in these ponds. Different types of fish pond are made for different purposes.

One of the various types of fish pond is the garden fish ponds. These are usually found in gardens. Some people with big house, mansions and such like may have big gardens where they get these types of fish pond made in order to eat the eggs of mosquitoes or for no apparent reason. These fish ponds usually have different types of fish in them and serve the same purpose as an aquarium- except these are actually made outside. These types of fish pond are constructed though and they are not naturally existent either.

Then there are those types of fish pond that are historic and they are known as historic fish ponds. As the name explains, these fish ponds are historic and that is because of the fact that these were made years ago. Some people may have gotten them made to show off their wealth, others may have liked to fish and then, still others may have got these types of fish pond made out of their genuine interest in fishes. These are similar to garden fish ponds with their age being the only exception and that is why they are referred to as historic fish ponds.

Some types of fish pond are made primarily for fishing. You may not be able to find these fishes elsewhere easily and they are made for one type of fish for different reasons. Recently when there was dengue outbreak, certain types of fish were put into certain types of fish pond where the eggs of the dengue mosquito were known to exist in large number. Some ponds are made so that the fish is provided with the environment and the kind of water it requires to be able to breed so that these types of fish can be used for commercial purposes- Sardines and salmons are examples of fishes for which certain types of pond are made.

Some types of fish pond are made only for fishing purposes. What happens is that some people tend to fish for those types of fish that are endangered and so it is prohibited by the law to fish for these. However, ponds are made to encourage these fishermen to fish for other types of fish for the same purpose in other types of fish pond instead. These are just some types of fish pond though many others do exist in hotels, and other buildings or houses and such like.