Types Of Fish Oil

Fish oils are very important to the overall health of humans and there are different types of fish oil. But three main types have been recognized and they are different differentiated by the processes they can be extracted. Below are the basic types of fish oil:

1. Natural fish oil

These are the most basic types of fish oil. They are usually gotten by compressing the fish so that oil can drip from them. The natural fish oil is not concentrated and therefore has low supply of omega 3. Another thing to note about these types of fish oil is their high content of some contaminants like heavy metals, mercury, dioxins, and PCBs

2. Synthetic fish oil

These are one of the most common types of fish oil. A lot of people want to believe they are natural, but in essence they are not. They are not natural due to the fact that they have been transformed to ester oil from their concentrated form, and then converted to triglyceride so that they look natural. This makes them not readily digestible into the body because they are not natural triglycerides. The true positions of their carbons have been altered and their molecule composition has also been changed.

Ester fish oil

These types of fish oil are extracted from the triglyceride oil using the process known as molecular distillation. The procedure tries to make the oil pure by removing contaminants from the fish oil. These types of fish oil are extracted through a natural process which makes them wholly available and easily digestible by the body. This is because the process uses a natural procedure to extract fish oil from the natural source.

Studies have shown that the ester process can be used in doubling or even tripling the omega 3 fish content. This makes them the best among then three types of fish oil.

Fish oil supplements

Fish oil is not doubt contains very important nutrients which can prevent several diseases. Because of the raw taste of the fish oil, it cannot be taken in raw form. This is why they are made into supplements for easy assumption and consumption. They are available in liquid, pills, powered form, and even capsules. Generally, these supplements are made to meet the need of different groups of people, including those with high blood pressure, diabetic patients, and vegetarians. But these types of fish oil differ in lots of ways.

When you are going for the supplements in liquid, you should be interested in the ones that have high amount of fatty acids. Those supplements with high amount of DHA should be the ideal option for you. But when you want fish oil supplements in capsules, you should be aiming for the highest concentration of fish oils in a single capsule. About 700 mg in a single capsule is the most recommended dose. If there are other substances such as antioxidants and vitamins in the capsules, then EPA and DHA effects witl be lessened. The powdered supplements are usually included in food ingredients. They can be used in the preparation of different types of dishes.