Types Of Fish Nets

Catching fish can be quite difficult and this is especially the case if you do not know about the various types of fish nets. There are various types of fishes that exist and for every one of them there are various types of fish nets and then, there are those for which there are none. In some cases the fish may be too big for a fish net while in other instances they may be too small for other types of fish nets instead. This is why one needs to know of the various fish nets so that he/she is equipped with the best fish nets depending upon the types of fish he/she is going for.

When it comes to catching shrimp, these little creatures aren’t too big and so, the types of fish nets you would use for them are called shrimp nets- the spaces between the nets are small so that they do not fall out and can get captured easily. Another of the many types of fish nets are hand nets which are usually tied at the end of a pole. Sometimes fish can be found near the shore because this is where planktons, crustaceans and other sorts of plants that fish feed on grow and so, it is easy to catch fish on the shallower side of the waters with these types of fish nets.

Some fishes are able to pass through nets and for these types of fishes there are gillnets which can be used to capture fishes that try to pass through the net by snagging on the net. Gillnets are usually anchored to the sea floor and flow out. As a result any fish near it are captured and cannot snag through these nets since they are quite strong and thick. This is actually how sardines and salmon are caught.

Then there are those types of fish nets that flow through the water ‘drifting’ with its currents. This way a fisher is able to catch a lot of fish. These nets are, unlike gillnets, not anchored to the sea. Fishers simply sit on the boat while carrying these types of nets with them as they row or travel the seas on their boats. Their usage is banned on high seas but many people still do use these because they are useful and effective when it comes to catching fish and as was mentioned above, you can catch quite a lot of fish with these types of fish nets.

The worst types of fish nets are ghost nets. These are nets that are lost at sea and are dangerous because different types of fish get caught up in them and die. They are a threat to marine life because a large number of fishes can and do get caught up in them and die as a result. Those that can be found are removed but those that aren’t may be too deep down in the water because of which they cannot be found or removed and continue to be a threat.