Types Of Fish In Qatar

Qatar is home to various types of fish and many tourists love to come and eat fish here. Restaurants serve a variety of fish dishes in the country and you can find so many types of fish in Qatar. Often people fish here and a number of people have fishing licenses here because of the fact there is such variety of fishes in the water of Qatar. These fishes are used at homes and at restaurants too. Tourists come here to fish too. You will find some of the best and most delicious types of fish in Qatar.

One of the many types of fish in Qatar that you would come across is the white sardinella. This fish is usually 4 to 15 centimeters long and you will generally find these types of fish in countries with tropical climate and coastal waters. That is why these are so easy to find in Qatar- the climate suits them and they travel in schools because of which it is easy to catch many of them while they are feeding on the plankton found on the coast. You can find these in markets in the form of rolled balls everywhere in Qatar.

An inshore fish, mainly, another of the types of fish in Qatar that you would come across is the rainbow sardine which can be found in places with subtropical climate and are marked with radiating striae and are about 20 centimeters long. These are used commercially too and you can find these types of fish in Qatar on carts. They are not very expensive so many people buy these and cool them at home. They can be caught with ringnets and dipnets as wel. These are easy to come across near the shore in the summers in Qatar.

Like the white sardinella, the Delagoa threadfin bream, too, can be found in places where the climate is tropical. They feed on smaller fish, loligo and crustaceans too. These can be found on sand or mud bottoms and are used on a commercial basis too though they are much more expensive than the types of fish in Qatar mentioned above. These are also about 25 centimeters in length and are more expensive for this reason. If you want to be able to identify these types of fish in Qatar they are pinkish where the upper body is concerned though their lowers are more towards the silver side.

As you can see, these are just some of the many types of fish in Qatar and some of these are quite expensive because they cannot be found easily and are much bigger than other types of fish in Qatar. Some fishes are only available in restaurants because people cannot make them at home or do not know how to. Most fish here are quite delicious and have a good amount of meat and most of these are harmless. In addition to this, most of them are found around the coastline which makes it easy to catch them.