Types Of Fish In Illinois

types of fish in Illinois

If you are an avid fisher, you would definitely want to try out the different types of fish in Illinois. Since the place has been always famous for its strong connection between highly successful anglers, amazing fishing techniques and the number of fish species found there, the more you get involved into the process, the more you come to know about the different types of fish in Illinois.

As per records, almost 1/4 of all fish species found in Illinois belongs to the minnow family. Minnows generally have similar traits which includes less scale on their head and less teeth along their jaw. You may find several types of fish in Illinois with sizes as small as your thumb and as large as 40 lbs.

For those who are new to fishing in Illinois, here we have listed the different types of fish in illinois belonging to the minnows family.


They come as the Blacknose dace, redbelly dace, longnose and finescale dale. These fishes grew generally between 3 inches and 7 inches in its length. The blacknose usually grows up to 3 inches long by the longnose grows up to 7 inches long. These fishes usually prefer constant running water and longnose and blacknose are usually found in quick running waters. However, the redbelly is usually found in pools or smaller creeks that away from the main water body. Finescale is usually found in ponds and lakes.


This is one of the most common and the largest found types of fish in Illinois. Belonging to the minnows family, it’s quite common for you to find carps that weigh as large as 60 lbs. the grass carp and the silver carp is the most common but none of them is truly native to the state. Carps are generally introduced from the Europe and the Asiatic origins. They are usually found in streams, lakes, rivers and reservoirs. According to be Department of Natural Resources, Illinois, carp is considered to be the longest lived species with a lifespan that goes as long as 15 years.


Among the different types of fish in Illinois, the most common shiners found are the redfin, pallid, striped, spotfin, Golden and the red shiner. These are small growing fishes that grew up to 4 inches long. However, the Golden shiner he seemed to be an exception but grows to a foots’ inch. These species are generally found in streams and rivers and one of the most commonly found in school bonds. Shiners are considered to be one of the best bait fishers for anglers and a very staple diet for different types of fish in Illinois.

Apart from the above you can also find Chubs, but is also considered to be good bait for anglers who want to catch big fishes. You might find a large variety in them with lifestyle patterns that greatly vary. These fishes can be big and can grow to as big as 10 inches. Depending upon their species, these fishes inhabit different water bodies.