Types Of Fish In Hawaii

Hawaiian Islands are home for a various types of fish in Hawaii and the fish resource contribute a considerable share in the island’s revenue.


This is a beautiful fish among the various types of fish in Hawaii that can be found in shallow reefs of Hawaii besides Atlantic and Indian oceans. There are about five species of angel fishes in Hawaii and all of them have vibrant colors and a few of them often get confused with butterfly fishes due to their color patterns. Angelfishes are the most common view for divers and snorkelers in Hawaii.


Barracudas is one among the types of fish in Hawaii, with long body, covered with small and smooth scales and have sharp teeth giving them reputation equal to that of sharks. Even though the great barracudas in other parts of the world can grow up to six feet in length, the ones in Hawaiian waters grow only up to half the size. Barracudas are known to attack swimmers in most parts of the world but in Hawaii it is contradiction.


Big eyes are a yet another various types of fish in Hawaii which has bigger eyes and a bright red body. There are around eighteen species of big eyes in Hawaii out of which only two species live in the near shore waters. Their big eyes help them with their nocturnal and carnivorous lifestyle.

These fishes hid in caves and under ledges during day time and come out in the nighttime and usually feed on planktonic animals.


Blennies are the long fish with small bodies and they have bigger eyes and large mouths. Most of them like to hide in sand and crevices in the ocean floor even though a few of them like to hangout in the ocean floors. Blennies are among various types of fish in Hawaii that are also seen in tide pools.


This is a type of Hawaiian fish with silvery slim bodies and a deeply forked tails. They are seen in sand bottomed shallow waters. Short jaw and long jaw bonefishes are the two species of bone fishes found in the Hawaiian Islands.


Box fishes got their name from the rough shell in which their bodies are encased and they can move only their fins, mouth and eyes. Around five species of box fishes are found in Hawaiian Islands and they are closely related to filefishes and puffer fishes.


Like angel fishes, butterfly fishes are also one among the most common fishes found in Hawaiian Islands with disc shaped bodies and bright yellow colors. When most fishes try to blend with the surrounding environment, butterfly fishes stand out and this lead to drawing attention towards them. However, their peculiar body shape allows them to swim faster and manoeuver easily and to hide in narrow crevices when attacked by a predator.


Among all types of fishes in the Hawaiian archipelago, dolphins are the most interesting and fascinating species with their graceful and fun to be with behavior. There are around fifteen species of dolphins found in Hawaii.