Types Of Fish In Florida

Florida has many beaches and this means that if you go into the deeper parts of the water, you would find different types of fish in Florida. Florida is home to types of fish- freshwater and saltwater fish. The former can only live in fresh water whereas the latter is bound to be found in the deeper parts of the sea where the water is generally higher in salt content. The fish in the seas of Florida are often sought and used in different parts of the country to make different products, foods and dishes (such as sardines and such like).

The American Shad is one of the many types of fish in Florida that can be found in the waters of Florida and it is a freshwater fish. You can see these feeding on plankton near the shore. They are greenish blue in color and have a metallic luster with black spots on the side as well. Though these mature in salt water, they prefer living in fresh waters once they are mature and are about 18 inches long. These types of fish in Florida are quite popular because of their size and meat content which makes for a healthy and delicious meal.

The Blue Catfish is another of the various types of fish in Florida. It is named so because of the fact that it is actually blue in color though in some cases it may appear to be purple as well. These can be found in the west of Florida and are freshwater fishes that have forked tails. It eats other types of fish as opposed to plankton and seaweed. Being one of the strongest fish in the water of Florida it is also very difficult to catch these types of fish in Florida because of their strength and heaviness.

The blue Marlin is one of the many types of fish in Florida that lives in salt water. The upper jaw is elongated and while the upper part of the fish is blue, the lower is usually silvery white in color. If you look at the fish you may confuse it for a sword fish but the difference is that these fishes happen to hunt for prey during the day unlike swordfish which do so at night and these fishes also prefer to hunt alone. They use their long and sharp bills to stun and kill pray.

These are some of the types of fish in Florida that you would come across. The thing about the fish in the region is that they are quite weighty, healthy to eat and that is why they are distributed in the US and are used for many products. The state of Florida is also home to sharks and other types of fish but these are just some of the fish that are captured, cooked or used in restaurants and other commercial ways by other companies in the region. You would also come across eels here that can be found feeding on plankton.