Types Of Fish For Aquarium

types of fish for aquarium

Setting up your own fish tank can be the most exciting project, but can sometimes be overwhelming too. Knowing the types of fish for aquarium is the first thing you need to know as a beginner because until you do not figure out the type of fishes you can put in your tank, you can never sustain your aquarium.

Having variety is definitely exciting, but freshwater aquarium fishes vary in their maintenance from easy to extremely temperamental, which can be difficult for a beginner to keep up. Nobody wants to set up their fish tank only to realize that their fishes are too difficult to maintain and it keeps on dying whatsoever. The emotion, time and money spent on the types of fish for aquarium can be fruitful only if you know what to choose if you are setting up your first time aquarium.

Here is a list of the types of fish for aquarium that can occupy different water levels in your aquarium and are acceptable when it comes to a community tank:

* Mollies and huppies – these are the most preferred and solid choices for a beginner. They are colorful, highly active and easy to maintain fishes for the first timer. Platies are also great option because they get bigger and give your tank some size variations. Unlike other fishes these fishes do not lay eggs but give birth to live fishes.

* Cyprinids – selective cyprinids are very easy to care especially the Zebra Danios and Pearl are highly active, easy to maintain and extremely colorful. If you go for the white cloud you will never regret because they require the least maintenance and is a wonderful addition to your fish tank.

* Characins – again some selected ones among this group like the tetras and cardinal tetras are really easy to care. Although these officials are not very active and are highly on the shiny side, we are extremely colorful and make you look fantastic.

* Cory cats – these are known as the catfish among the different types of fish for aquarium. These fishes like to stay in groups of three and six and will constantly keep on moving around the bottom of your fish tank looking for food. Their big expressive eyes and whiskers, they make a great addition to your aquarium.

* Goldfish – typically, a real goldfish is the toughest fish that you can get, but it does not mean that they are meant to live anywhere else.

Goldfishes can survive in any kind of temperature or better condition and have a very good life span. Although, goldfishes produce more waste than any other fish, it is always better to have less of the, because after a point you’re fish tank might look overcrowded.

Finding the types of fish for aquarium is highly important before you take about setting up your own fish tank. A good idea would be to visit somebody who already owns an aquarium and get some advice on the type of fishes and their behavior patterns. This advice goes a long way when it comes to making your own.