Types Of Fish Eggs

Various types of fish eggs are considered to be culinary delights. If you thought that fish cooked in various ways are the only ones that fall under the category of sea food, then read on and add on to your knowledge of sea food. Not just fish, but many types of fish eggs too are consumed as delicacies around the world. ‘Hard roe’ is a term popularly used for fish eggs enclosed in an ovarian membrane. The quality of fish roe as a delicacy depends on which type of fish it is extracted from.

There are certain markers which will help tell apart great quality fish eggs from the lesser ones. Types of fish eggs that are considered to be up in the hierarchy are the ones which are freshly available for consumption. The ones which are in a cluster or a lump are favored over the broken, individual eggs. Any fish eggs’ connoisseur will tell you that fish eggs must not have a fishy smell. Also, all types of fish eggs, when eaten, must be soft to bite into, not rubbery or hard. The most commonly known use of fish eggs is in making the Japanese dish, sushi. Quite a lot of other countries have appropriated varied types of fish eggs to create distinct variety of dishes.

Some of the fish from which fish eggs are obtained to create culinary wonders are:

Beluga Sturgeon: Beluga is a large fish found Black and Caspian Sea basins. The female Beluga is fished to obtain the eggs which then become the renowned delicacy, caviar.

There are many other sturgeons like the kaluga that are hunted for their eggs. These eggs form what is known as the imitation caviar.

Salmon: The orange eggs commonly used to make sushis are derived from the salmon. It is said to be the best source for omega 3. They have 3.5 times more omega 3 than the salmon fish itself.

Carp: The color of the carp fish eggs vary depending on the species. The most commonly found type is translucent pink carp eggs. The Silver Carp, presently, is the most highly used source of Carp eggs in the world.

Lobsters: Even shell fish like lobsters’ eggs are considered to be an edible delight. They are pin sized eggs, which turn red when cooked.

Vendace: It is a category of freshwater fish which yields delicious eggs Due to their superior quality, they are much more expensive than most of the other types of fish eggs, and owing to their color they are also known as the golden caviar.

Herring: Found in plenty in the North Pacific and North Atlantic oceans are the herring fish. The eggs of the herring are yellow or pink. They are small and rubbery, so much so that to the naked eye, the cluster looks like a piece of fish flesh.

These are few of the famous types of fish eggs consumed by people. They are not only a great source of omega 3, but also do a much better job than supplements in providing the body with Vitamin D. Fish eggs are not only a thing of luxury, but a great addition to a diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle.