Types Of Fish Bowls

If you want to get a pet fish, you should get to know the types of fish bowls. You see, most small fishes can live in these different types of fish bowls. If you are planning to get one or just a couple of goldfishes, then they will be perfect for types of fish bowls too.

The classic styles of the types of fish bowls are called drum styles. These are fish bowls that are wider if you look from right to left. If you look at the depth, it is deeper from the front to the back. There are many people who like these types of fish bowls because they find that they can have more water volume in these.

The round style types of fish bowls are those that are completely and perfectly round. These are the bowls that look great when your pet fishes are gold fishes. Remember Dorothy? She is the pet goldfish of Elmo in Elmo’s World. She lives in round types of fish bowls.

The Bio orb types of fish bowls are fish bowls that are known to be state of the art. The main reason behind this is that they are equipped with their own filtration system already. Also, even when they do not seem so they are larger than the traditional and classic types of fish bowls.

There are also types of fish bowls that include a built in light in them. You can opt to get these too as they are really cute. These are the fish bowls that are being developed and introduced by Marine land.

The fish bowls can either be made out of acrylic or glass. There are many different looks that you can pull off with your fish bowls as there are many different sizes available for you to choose. The smallest of these fish bowls can accommodate half a gallon of water. If you fill it up with water, it will only weight somewhere around 3 pounds. There are many acrylic 1 gallon fish bowls too. When the bowl is filled with water, these fish bowls will weigh roughly 6 pounds. If you want a bigger one, you can get a one and a half gallon fish bowl that weighs 8 pounds when full. The biggest fish bowls are the 3 gallon ones. When they are filled with water, they weigh 20 pounds. These 3 gallon fish bowls are 11 inches tall and has a width of around 10 inches.

Always remember that fish bowls are only meant for small fishes. If you want bigger fishes, then get the rectangular ones as they can accommodate them better. The biggest advantage of these fish bowls is that, given their size, they are highly mobile as they weight so little even when they are already filled with water. They are your best bet if you will give your children their first pet fishes as they are very simple and straightforward but they will make the small fishes very comfortable still.