Types Of Fish And Chips

Different types of fish are used in making different types of fish and chips. The type of fish used in for fish and chips differ by restaurant to restaurant, region to region, and by country to country. In Australia, the most common types of fish and chips is made from reef fish. Flakes and smaller sharks are equally good options for Australian fish and chips.

Haddock and cod are the most common fish types used for fish and chips in Britain. Fish and chip is a staple food in Britain and they have other fish sources for this type of meal such as salmon, skate, and plaice.

In New Zealand you are certainly going to see snapper in their fish and chips shops, although lemon shark is also common. This is why they have adopted the name “shark and taties” for their fish and chips meals.

American and Canadians have several species for different types of fish and chips. Their North American version is made of both salt water and fresh water fish. Fish fries are offered in restaurants and bars on weekends, which were initially intended for the catholic faithful who don’t consume meat on Friday. However, you may be disappointed if you are looking for fish and chips in Hawaii. The people in the region prefer deep fried fish in most of their menus which is the reason why restaurants don’t prepare fish and chips.

The term fish and chips were not really invented by the British. However, they can be given credit for bringing the two together. The idea of using different species of fish to make different types of fish and chips was brought into Britain by Spanish and Portuguese immigrants in the 17th century. The Portuguese equally introduced it to Japan.

The different types of fish and chips was initially considered as a cheap meal consumed mostly by the poor. Even trading in fish and chips was considered not pleasant. This notion changed completely during the Second World War when the different types of fish and chips were the only food that were not rationed in Britain.

Presently, everybody eats fish and chips and people eat it everywhere and anywhere. But newspapers are no longer used in servicing the meal. Instead, it is wrapped in butcher block paper, cardboard boxes, and polystyrene containers.

For hundreds of years, people have consumed different types of fish and chips, which makes it seem as if it has been around since the beginning. But in essence, it originated in the Great Britain. Since its introduction, different types of fish and chips have been consumed both in Britain and all over the world.

Chipped potatoes, or French fries, were already staple foods in Britain before the introduction of the different types of fish and chips. The popularity of trawl fishing gave rise to the frequent consumption of fish and chips among working class people in Britain. One can say that Britain is the home of fish and chips as the first shop for only fish and chips was opened in London in 1860.