Types Of Engineering Careers

Deciding your career is the toughest decision to be made as your life depends on it and for an engineering student, there are different types of engineering careers to choose from! For them, it becomes all the more difficult. The more the choice, the worse it gets. But the student need not worry. We bring to you a list of different types of engineering careers that will help you sort out your worries. The list will give you a clearer picture of the available options.

As the name suggest, aerospace engineers work on research, design and production of aircraft, spacecraft, aerospace equipment, missiles and satellites. These engineers bring space closer to earth!

Agricultural engineers focus on solving the agricultural problems by using plants, animals and natural environment.

Automotive engineers are the ones who design, build and operate vehicles. The vehicles might be for use on land, sea, air or even space! They get the wheels moving!

Biological and Biosytems engineers aim at deriving biotechnologies found in food, petroleum, textiles and pharmaceutical industries. They can also focus on microorganisms and how they produce antibodies more effectively.

Biomechanical and biomedical engineering couple mechanical engineering with human anatomy and physiology. Therefore, the area of work may be designing prostheses, helping in movement for people with spinal injuries and refining equipment for athletes in sports.

Building engineers are concerned with the planning stage followed by design, construction, operation and maintenance of buildings. They also assess and strive to improve the quality of living within the environment built by them.

Among the types of engineering careers the oldest type of engineering is civil engineering. This sphere of engineering involves designing, constructing and managing municipal infrastructure, for instance roads, airports, harbours, buildings and bridges. They also ensure availability of high quality water supply and lay importance on sewage treatment facilities.

Communications engineers primarily deal with the present development and improvement in the world of internet and its related technologies. They maintain communication systems.

Computer engineers who specialize in electronic engineering are connected with designing and manufacturing electronic circuits and devices.

Electrical engineers focus on generation, transmission, distribution and application of electrical energy.

Engineering chemists is a combination of the knowledge of chemistry to find solutions to engineering issues. They differ from others as they use chemistry as a solution.

Environmental engineers take charge of the environment and make it a better place to live in.

Food engineers apply the concepts and principles of engineering to the conversion of raw food stuffs into safe consumer products of the highest possible quality. Using engineering skills to convert raw stuff into edible food stuff is the job of food engineers.

Forestry engineers analyze the effects of industrialization on nature.

Material engineers involve themselves with the extensive analysis of materials that we find around ourselves.

Engineering mathematicians use maths to solve engineering problems.

Mechanical engineers use the principles of mathematics, science and economics to design equipments. You also have chemical, constructing, mineral, metallurgical, mining, oil, naval, petroleum, physics, plastics, software engineers.

Water resource engineers protect water supplies and ensure availability.

Types of engineering careers are plenty. So discover these different types of engineering careers and make the world your oyster!