Types Of Energy Drinks

Life is hectic and it is important to know the different types of energy drinks to keep one hydrated and energized. Our hectic schedule demands us to put in our best efforts and work round the clock. Many a times we forget to take care of our body and keep abusing it under pressure. The changes might not be visible immediately but our actions during the course of the day are inadvertently harming our bodies. When living in countries like India where the temperatures sore high, it is pertinent to keep the body hydrated. There are chances of fainting and other serious hazards. Energy drinks are primarily taken to provide mental and physical stimulation. Thus, here is a list of different types of energy drinks to keep you healthy and alive!

Energy drinks mostly contain caffeine that provides the much needed stimulation. They may or may not be carbonated in nature. There are many brands of energy drinks. Red Bull is a very famous and well-known energy drink. It claims to improve the person’s performance and concentration level while stimulating the metabolism rate.

5-Hour Energy Drink is a powerhouse of energy. It is a blend of vitamins, amino acids and enzymes that will boost your energy tremendously, for 5-hours at least! Another product by the same brand is the 5-Hour Energy Extra Strength. The bitterness of this product is comparatively less. Surprisingly, the caffeine content is a lot less than expected as the name suggests extra strength.

Rockstar Energy Drink has “Party Like a Rock Star” as its slogan. Needless to say, it brings in the party spirit in you! It contains vitamin B and C. The different types of energy drinks don’t stop at this. The market also provides its customers with Full Throttle Energy Drink. It is a product of the Coca-Cola Company. The can is black in colour with flames that accentuate the power of the drink! It contains Taurine, Carnatine and Guarana Extract alongwith Ginseng extract. The next drink is Monster Energy Zero Ultra Drink. It is the company’s 4th low/no calorie energy drink. It tastes a little like Squirt Soda, which is a grapefruit/ citrus flavoured soda. Its sweetness neutralizes the caffeine bitterness and gives a balanced taste to the customer. While comparing Zero Ultra Drink with a Regular Monster drink on energy levels, the latter does not have the same level of energy boost as a Regular Monster drink has. Also, it is interesting to know that Monster has come out with an Ultra line which serves, Ultra Pink, Ultra Blue and Ultra Red respectively. The caffeine level is 140mg per 16 fl. oz can.

M-150 is an energy drink of a Thai company. It is the number one selling drink in Thailand. It has a red star-badge on the front of the bottle or can. Words that describe this drink are ‘sacrifice’, ‘courage’ and ‘devotion’.

Types of energy drinks are umpteen. They will give you the much needed force to make your way through the day. These different types of energy drinks are available and consumed widely. So get up and get going!