Types Of Drugs Pills

Drug pills are basically medicines that consist of a certain amount of a drug to be able to deal with certain issues and there are countless types of drugs pills that we take but do not realize that they consist of drugs. These types of drugs pills aren’t harmful but the problem with them is that some people tend to take these pills as a sort of a mental escape from their troubles or they become addicted to such pills. The offensive term ‘pill poppers’ refer to such people.

Seroquel is one of the various types of drugs pills out there and these pills are actually like tranquilizers. These are prescribed to people with insomnia, schizophrenia and bipolar disorders. This is not at all a drug that should be taken unless it is prescribed because the effects of these types of drug pills could be quite serious. These are frequently used in prisons and many prisoners actually exchange these for money with other prisoners. However, these are also used by people outside prison- people who have uppers such as cocaine use these types of drugs pills to come off of these. These pills aren’t something that one can buy without prescription because of the serious effects they would have on you.

Dialudid is one of those types of drugs pills that are used in order to deal with pain or the bad cough in some cases (though this depends upon how bad the cough really is). Some people tend to take more than the prescribed dose of this drug because it give them ‘a high’ and those people who are addicted to heroin or other drugs of the sort may be immune to the effects of these types of drugs pills but on the other hand there are those who state that these types of drugs pills make them feel like they’re in Heaven!

Xanax is the most abused types of drugs pills. These pills are usually prescribed to patients suffering from insomnia and anxiety but these drugs can also help people who suffer from social anxiety. Some state that the Xanax allows them to ‘be themselves’ around other people and get addicted to it. People suffering depression may take these types of drugs pills in order to forget the issues they face on a daily basis and may overdose on these pills in which case the pills would have to be flushed out of the system.

Apart from Xanax, Oxycodone is another of the various types of drugs pills which is widely abused and this is especially the case in countries such as the United States. Oxycodone is used to help cancer patients deal with the pain. It gives them a euphoric feeling and a new outlook on life. As a result they are able to live a pain free life even after they have gotten off of these types of drugs pills. Many people suffering from depression also abuse these types of drugs pills for ‘temporary happiness’ too.