Types Of Drugs

There are different types of drugs that we come across on a daily basis. Some of these may be addictive while others may not be as addictive at all. This depends on the purpose of the drug and the person taking the drug itself. Not all drugs are useful though.

Some of these may have no pharmaceutical use but may be so addictive that they could endanger one’s health and life, both. Then, there are certain pharmaceutical drugs which may appear to be one of the more beneficial types of drugs but aren’t because one tends to abuse them- such as muscle relaxants and sleeping pills.

Many insomniacs tend to use sleeping pills or muscle relaxants to calm themselves physically and mentally. The use of these types of drugs is quite common nowadays though, at the same time, there is a high tendency for people to abuse them as well. People who suffer from insomnia also tend to suffer from depression and so, they may have more pills than was prescribed to them. They tend to sleep the whole day and then, those who tend to overdose on these pills, they may die or they may need to get their stomachs pumped.

Crystal meth and heroin are the two most dangerous types of drugs out there.

The former is cheap and it could be made at home too which means it is also widely available and though the latter is expensive, the lengths that heroin addicts would be willing to go to are surprising- just so that they can get a little more of the drug to get them high. Both drugs are extremely addictive. Heroin is also likely to cause HIV/AIDS. A number of people (even actors and models) have died due to the transmission of the virus via the use of syringes. Though there are people who sniff it in powder form, a large majority use syringes as well.

The less harmful types of drugs are painkillers.

Many people tend to take these because it helps them get rid of pain though even some painkillers can be addicting because they may cause one to get high. The effect of the drugs used to make these medicines can cause one to depend upon these even when he/she is not suffering from pain. However, the chances of one getting addicted to these types of drugs are far less.

Then there are the useful types of drugs such as anesthetics.

Cocaine and other forms of the morphine were used as anesthetics before the development of anesthetics. Similarly, sedatives are useful (though they can be addictive) in patients who have suffered trauma or are unable to control themselves due to exposure to a traumatic incident.

Hence, regardless of the types of drugs we use, it depends upon our nature where addiction is concerned. Not everyone gets addicted to these drugs and due to awareness programs many people tend to stay away from the more dangerous types of drugs nowadays.