Types Of Drug Stimulants

In this article you will find information about some types of drug stimulants. There are 3 types of drugs: depressants, stimulants and hallucinogens. Here is some basic information about all three drug types:


This type of drug is sometimes called ‘’downer’’, because of its operation: weakens nervous system. Depressants are most commonly used drugs; they are used for dealing with unpleasant feelings, for example: anxiety, stress, fear of something. Mostly used legal depressant is alcohol and mostly used illegal depressant is heroin.Depressants also included: codeine methadone, morphine, tranquilizers and so on.


This type of drug is sometimes called ‘’upper’’, because of its operation: stimulates the nervous system. As you see depressants and stimulants have resistance operations. Stimulates are used for putting their user on good mood. Mostly used legal drug stimulant is coffee and mostly used illegal stimulant cocaine.


This type of drug is also known as mind-altering drugs. This drug type is very dangerous for its users that are why there are no legal hallucinogens. Mostly used hallucinogen is LSD, also PCP. Users of this type of drug are loosing the feeling of reality, users don’t know they are filling, seeing or hearing, with one word they are in a ‘’fantastic world’’ after receiving hallucinogens.

Note: Marijuana and ecstasy meet the characteristics of all three types of drugs.

Medical Stimulants

Some stimulants are used in medicine to treat many of the diseases. Legal stimulants are Amphetamines, for example: Prescription amphetamines, such as Adderall, dextroamphetamine, methylphenidate. Amphetamine stimulates These types of drugs stimulants are mostly used to treat Attention Deficit Disorder. Users get medical stimulants in the forms of pills or capsules.

Illegal Stimulants

Illegal types of drugs stimulants are Cocaine, Methamphetamine. Both of them are very strong types of drugs stimulants.

Stimulants of everyday life

There are some types of drugs stimulants, that are used in usual everyday life, for example a coffee, when a person drinks a cup of coffee, tea or cocoa he gets the stimulator called Caffeine. This type of drugs stimulator is influencing the central nervous system and helps muscles to rest. Some people who have to work or study during the night time.

Another famous stimulator is nicotine that is included in cigarette. A person gets this type of drug stimulator with smoking a cigarette and it is influencing on the smokers blood pressure and heart beating rate.

A stimulator called Ephedra is helping people who have such diseases such are low blood pressure, asthma.


Stimulants are frequently used types of drugs. Types of drug stimulators are used in medicine as well as in everyday life. You might remember, that until you take any type of drug stimulant make sure that it will not hurt your health. If you have any kind of health problem don’t receive any type of medical drug stimulant without doctor’s permission. You should be careful with stimulators, because even coffee can hurt you if you have high blood pressure. Receiving a big amount of nicotine with smoking cigarettes is not recommended.