Types Of Domestic Cats

What are the types of domestic cats? Cats, just like any other carnivorous pets have proved to be very useful to man since their domestication by early man as history suggests. This includes security and keeping away rodents such as rats. They are very active at night and their eyes can clearly see during the night just as their family members the big cats.

There are very many types of domestic cats varying from region to region across the entire globe. According to the International Progressive Cat Breeders Alliance (IPCBA), which specializes in cat breeding, they have come to conclusion that there are over 70 types of domestic cats existing all over the world. Domestic cats are classified using physical body features. They can be grouped broadly into two categories, that is, pure breed and mixed breed. Some of the common types of domestic cats are discussed below;


This type cats is characterized by ticked spots and have a tabby coat which is richly coloured. The Abyssinian cat has no markings on its neck, legs and tail. It has striking facial markings and come in four colours, that is fawn, red, ruddy and blue. This makes these types of domestic cats to be more attractive and beautiful.

American Curl

This type derives its name from its extraordinary ears. Its ears are curled towards the middle of the backside of the skull. They are actually identified through their ears. These types of domestic cats were as a result of a spontaneous genetic mutation between two long haired kittens, one black and another white. Its coats are soft and silky hence it requires less grooming.


The Peterbald originated from Russian in 1994 and stands out because of its intelligences and elegance. Its distinctive features are almond shaped eyes, large set apart ears and a straight profile. It’s very sensitive and can readily know when things aren’t okay.

Australian Mist

The Australian Mist originates from a breed of Burmese, domestic short-hair breed and Abyssinian breed. These types of domestic cats have spotted coat with a variety of colours ranging from blue to warm brown, peach to gold and lilac to chocolate. This makes it to have an extraordinary look as compared with other types of cats.


The Burmese is a type of domesticated cat which is a breed between a female brown cat believed to be from Burma called Wong Mau and a male Siamese cat. It is very charming, affectionate and has exotic appearances.

British shorthair

The British shorthair can is sometimes called the silver tabby is muscular, sturdy and has a plush, short coat. The silver tabby originated from Europe where it was bred from non-pedigree cats. It is medium-large in size and has a thick tail.

This list of various types of domestic cats is very long and they cannot be all discussed at this juncture. However it is more evident that almost all traditional cats are becoming extinct as a result of breeding since the biotechnology began. This has seen new breeds of cats being developed and soon, there will be more types of domestic cats.