Types Of Cats

What are the different types of cats?

While dogs are man’s best friends, many find cats to have the same appeal. They are as cuddly, loveable and loyal. They are known to be quite intelligent, too. This is why more and more people are into getting cats as their pets. Do you know that there are so many different types of cats that are out there? Read on and get to know some of the most loved types of cats – the Russian Blue, the Tabby, the American Short Hair, and the Persians.

The Russian Blue types of cats are cats that are characterized by a silvery blue coat. They are very intelligent and playful too. They are, however, timid when there are unfamiliar people around. They are very shy but very cuddly once they get to know you. They are very good companions. Unlike other types of cats, the Russian blue are known to cause the least allergies to people. This is the reason why many people are into getting Russian blue types of cats as their pets.

The tabby types of cats are the cats that have stripes, dots or swirls in their coat. They are of certain patterns that are believed to have come from the wildcats – the cat’s ancestors. There are, however, quite a lot of types of cats that have these patterned coats. This is why there are some publications that do not consider the tabby a breed by itself. A common characterizing factor of the tabby is their typical letter ‘M’ spot on their foreheads. A bi-color cat is a cat that, well, is bi-colored. They can be tabby types of cats as well. There are many different color patterns of these types of cats. There are some that have colors on their crown, some only on their tail, and some even on their feet. The most common color pattern of the bi-color cats is the tuxedo. The American shorthair types of cats are types of cats that do not belong to a certain cat breed as well, much like the tabby and the bi-colors. They are known to be characterized by their many color combinations. They are known to be descendants of the British shorthair, too.

The Persians are kinds of cats that are considered to be the oldest. These types are sometimes pedigreed but sometimes are not. These cats are known to be quiet and behaved. They are very sweet and cuddly as well. Much like other cats, the Persians are known to be very good companions and can be very good show cats as well.

The Birman are known to be very affectionate, especially compared to the other cat breeds. They are gentle and faithful companions as well. Most people love to take home Birmans because they have a certain air of dignity that are very well loved by human.

The Ragdolls are one of the most loved and nicest cats. They have light and flowy fur that can be of many different colors. They are known to be mild mannered as well. This is why these are the cats that are best kept indoors.