Types Of Domestic Birds

Domestic birds are generally birds that can be kept at home because they tend to be tamer than those that are made for the kill and there are several types of domestic birds. Domestic birds can be quite expensive though there are many that are not or some of them can even be caught. People who like these types of birds tend to invest in birds from other continents and countries simply because of the existence of beautiful types of domestic birds and each one of these birds vary. Some of them can talk and communicate verbally while others cannot because that is how they are simply made.

The parrot is one of the commonest of all types of domestic birds. They are generally friendly and tend to usually come in green which is why we frequently describe a shade of green as parrot green every now and then. There are some parrots that can be taught to talk and these birds usually love to eat bread crumbs and chili. In some countries it is believed that feeding these types of birds red chili gets them talking faster. There is the male, which comes with a beautiful ring that is majorly black around the edges and the female which does not have these rings, too.

The favorite of many domestic bird lovers is the Australian Cockatoo. These types of domestic birds are beautifully white, have grey beaks and grey talons and they learn to talk very fast too. These domestic birds are quite expensive though and their appetite is much more than your average parrot because they are also larger. They tend to learn new words very fast and would try to get anywhere and everywhere so long as it can see food lying in front of it or popping out (of the toaster, for example).

Cockatiels are one of the most popular types of domestic birds for people who do not like too much noise or mess. They have red cheeks with typical yellow rings around them (with a little bit of white) and the hair on top of the head looks as if though they have been cow-licked because they typically stand up in such a manner. They do not cause much noise and you can let them out of their cages so that they can fly around. They can be trained to listen to their owners and obey them but they cannot talk and it would be best for you to switch off your fans if you let them out of their cages! They do not eat much.

These are some types of domestic birds. Generally some of these birds are quite expensive and need their space so that they can fly around. Diets vary with their sizes- the larger types of domestic birds required more foods as opposed to the smaller ones which may stop eating after a few bites. It is also important to keep their cages clean and keep the birds well-fed at all times too.