Types Of Dogs Puppies

Puppies are probably the cutest little creature that exist and there are so many types of dogs puppies and every one of them belong to different breeds but they are all adorable. Most of these types of dogs puppies need to be cared for so that they can live and survive under all sorts of conditions in the world of today. Some of these types of dogs puppies have thick fur coats and they cannot survive in warm climates or places where the weather is too hot because they could die early.

One of the cutest types of dogs puppies are Maltese puppies. These puppies do not shed much hair and so, if you have an allergy you need not worry. These puppies are also extremely friendly and get along with animals like cats, dogs and even birds. They also get very attached to their owners and to humans. Leaving them alone would have an impact upon their health because of this factor. They need contact because of which they will always be friendly with everyone and all sorts of animals. Think of these little guys as the socialites of the dog world! They are also fun, fun-loving and extremely energetic because of which they get along very well with kids too!

Labrador puppies are another of the many types of dogs puppies that are extremely adorable and friendly. They tend to bond very well their owners and get extremely attached to them. Like the Maltese they are very friendly and social and get along with all other breed and like the Maltese you need to give them a lot of attention too. These little pups, too, feel lonely very soon and they get along well with other animals and with each other too. It would be a good idea to get another puppy for them.

Chihuahuas may look tiny and meek but these little types of dogs puppies can be very aggressive and show a lot of attitude sometimes. While the Labrador and Maltese may get lonely and depressed if you do not give them enough attention, Chihuahuas actually demand for attention and are big attention seekers that would nip and bark at you till you give them the attention that they crave for. While they are cute, they may bark so much that they would actually end up annoying you. Taking care of these types of dogs puppies is literally a 24 hour job because you need to take care of them and give them attention at all times.

Poodles are those types of dogs puppies that may appear to be self-obsessed but they aren’t actually so much self-obsessed as much as they are shy. These puppies tend to get attached to one person- their owner- that gives them the most attention but would shy away from other breeds and people. However once they stay around the same animals and people for longer they tend to get more comfortable and gradually start to open up to them too.