Types Of Dogs Names

You are thinking of getting a dog but you can’t decide how to call it with all with all those different types of names that you keep hearing. The truth is that choosing a name for your dog is not as easy as one might think; the fact that you can call the dog anything that goes through your mind without the dog complaining about it no matter how silly the name sounds, does not mean that you should. What is also true is that you can decide on a dog name, if you do not know the dogs breeds; in simple words, different types of dog breeds go with different types of dog names.

So, let us take a look at some common dog breeds and see what types of dog names you can choose in each case. The five types of dog breeds we are going to examine are: the Labrador Retriever, the German Shepherd, the Boxer.

The Labrador Retriever is probably the most common dog for a family that is looking for a medium sized dog with a lovable character and a gentle. Despite the fact that Labradors were originally used as hunting recovery dogs, and as such they are very energetic, they are also dogs that can function well in an apartment provided that you take them for a long walk on a daily basis. Now what types of names match this breed? You can choose something like Jack or Justin if it is a boy, and Chloe or Maggie if it is a girl; these would be rather typical, neutral names. If you want to place some emphasis on their gentle nature, you could go with Marley or Booby, and Lily or Gracie, for a boy and a girl respectively.

If your next dog is going to be a German Shepherd, a guard dog that is famous for its agility, its good temper, and most importantly its intelligence, you could choose from those types of dog names that have only one syllable; a name that is fast to pronounce for a dog that is always fast and eager to respond to it. Something like Hutch, Cash, Finch, names that also bear some sort of allusion to the German language.

Now what name would you give to a boxer? A dog with a short but muscular body with a chest width like that of a heavy weight lifter; a dog that stares at you with all the pride of a military general ready to be thrown into battle. Names like Champ, Bear, Kratos, or Beast would seem most appropriate.

In any case, these are mere suggestions, and not some kind of strict rules. The point essentially is that you should choose a type of name that is relative to the dog’s physique and or temperament. You can’t just call your boxer Fluffy, since this is rather a name for a Poodle. To what is more, you should also keep in mind that all types of dog names are and should be relatively short; a name with no more than two syllables, even one if possible. The reason is that short names are easier for the dog to get used to it; plus dogs do not really pay attention to what you say after the second syllable.

The decision is up to you.