Types Of Dogs Hounds

There are so many types of dogs hounds nowadays. Every city or country you go to you would discover different types of dogs hounds and the thing about these animals is that every person is interested in different types of dogs hounds because everyone has different tastes and personalities. One of the most interesting types of dogs hounds is the Afghan hound. These dogs are about 2 feet tall and are known to be sensitive. They are able to run long distances and were initially used for hunting purposes. Their coats allow them to persevere in cold temperatures as well.

Of the ancient types of dogs hounds you have the Pharaoh hound which is friendly, intelligent, affectionate and loving all at the same time. These types of dogs hounds are strong-willed and love playing around with kids and their owners. They serve as excellent guard dogs too- it would be wise to keep these dogs on a leash when outside or in an unfenced area. Not only are these dogs very attached to their owners but they would attack anyone who threatens their owners as well. It is important to keep these types of dogs hounds entertained at all times since they bark when they get bored and aren’t given attention.

If you want to know why people use the term ‘puppy dog eyes’, see a pocket beagle and you’ll know where the term comes from. These cute, little things are tiny and undersized. They are extremely friendly, joyful and playful and they are so adorable. These dogs, being undersized, cannot defend themselves too well though. So it would be important for you to keep a watch on these types of dogs hounds and do not let them go too far too often especially if you take them with you in the wilderness.

Perhaps one of the most intimidating types of dogs hounds is the black and tan coonhounds. These dogs seem intimidating but really aren’t as scary as they seem. They love to run with their owners and get along very well with other dogs and with kids too. These dogs are playful, hyper and get very attached to their owners. One may confuse them for Doberman but these dogs aren’t as defensive as Doberman dogs are. They aren’t considered to be housedogs because these types of dogs hounds are actually very independent by nature and so they do not stick to their owners the way, say, a Labrador would.

One of the most underestimated, yet overestimated, types of dogs hounds are the bloodhounds. These hounds appear to be ferocious but they really are not. They are misunderstood and are thought to be defense dogs though they aren’t defensive dogs at all. The one thing you would not with bloodhounds is that they have a distinct odor and tend to get smelly very soon- especially in the summers and fall. Plus, these dogs are high maintenance but they could bring a lot of joy and happiness if you take good care of them.