Types Of Dogs Good With Kids

There are some dogs which are really friendly with the kids. The types of dogs good with kids are needed to identify as the children can have great fun from these dogs. Actually, it depends on the lifestyle, personality and many other things related to environment the kid is growing up. Also provide proper training to the dog is important from the family side. But, it should be kept in mind that every dog have some pros and cons thought those may be are the types of dogs good with kids. Before choosing a dog, determining the compatibility of it with the kids should be justified.

Here is some of the names of dogs which are really good with the kids:


Maltese is needed if the customer is in royalty. The American Kennel Club (AKC) says that the lighthearted as well as loving creatures have lounged along with aristocracy for previous 28 centuries in the world. They have wonderful silken locks, calm dispositions and regular cheerfulness.


Pug is one of the earliest breeds of tiny dogs those hail from China. These are good-natured, friendly, reliable and faithful. So it’s hard to make anything wrong with the pugs as they are like family members. These small pups are bred with people and with other animals. This actually makes this one ideal choice for families with kids.

8: Yorkshire Terrier

If the family of the kid has much energy to play with the pet, then this Yorkshire terrier can be a perfect choice. These are very tiny in size. They are both active and intelligent.

Miniature Schnauzer

Origin in Germany, another one among the types of dogs good with kids small schnauzer is one of the smartest and most joyful dog, especially among the small dogs. They are very sociable and defensive. This makes them outstanding friend for the kids. It is very easy to train these dogs. So, surely it can be a good choice for the kids.


These are very funny. Kids and the family can find them delightful, happy, smart, easy-going as well as social.

Brussels Griffon terriers:

These are extremely adorable and responsive dogs. They can follow a person all around only for taking the attention! They’re very faithful and caring too. They are too obedient. So, they these pups can work as excellent watchdogs and obviously a great source of fun for the kids.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel:

Among the types of dogs good with kids Cavalier King Charles spaniel can be a clown or comedian of community. These dogs are whimsical and has much personalities can to cheer anyone if anyone doesn’t have much sense of humor. These are very sociable and cheerful with practically no propensity to anxiety or violence.

These are various types of dogs good with kids. All of these can’t be suitable for all the families. It varies families to families, kids to kids. One should create a list of types of dogs good with kids on the basis of information provided into above paragraphs.