Types Of Dogs For Pets

A dog is a friend of a human. In this article you will find some interesting information about the types of dogs for pets. We will discus about Coton de Tulear and and Bolognese.

Coton de Tulear

These are small, fluffy, very cute types of dogs for pets. Usually they have very soft hair, black nose. They are hypoallergenic. The usual weight of cotton de Tulear is 4-6 km.

How to take care of Coton de Tulear?

The Coton de Tulear’s coat needs to be brushed and combed every day. Bathing is required once in a week . You may think: ‘’This type of dog with its coat is very cute, but dropping its hair in the whole house will be a big problem. ‘’, but you don’t need to get possessive regarding this issue, because one more thing why Coton is good to have is that these types of dogs for pets have similar characteristic to poodles: they don’t drop their hair on the furniture or on the floor. Their hair is ‘’trapped’’ in their coats, if you will take care of your dog well, brush their coat regularly they will drop their hair only during brushing, so you will not have problems related to the dog’s hair in the home.

You should take your dog for a short walk every day, play time with you will be great. Cotons love to swim, they love to be and play with other dogs. If you have children, Coton is one of the best types of dogs for pet that you can own without any fear because of your kids. There will be a harmony with this dog, it will be good to your kids and kids might love it too.

How long they live?

These types of dogs for pets usually leave min 14 years up to 20 years, if they have good care.


These types of dogs for pets are national dogs for the Madagascar’s Island, because this type of dog was developed there. According to believes the Tenerife dog was brought and mated with a local dog and unexpectedly Coton was born.


These types of dogs for pets are the Bichon type dogs as cotton de Tulear. It is a small dog. According to its name it is from the city of Bolonga, northern Italy. These types of dogs for pets belong to a Toy dog group.

How to take care ?

Bolognese require daily walks for exercise. You can easily train it, only you should note that they don’t love shouting. It doesn’t drop its hair, daily brushing is required. Ideal owners are the family with children.

How long they live?

The minimum age they usually reach is 14 years, the max age these types of dogs can reach is 18 years, it is depended on how healthy is your dog and how well you take care of it.


The history of developing Bolognese is unknown. The closest relative of Bolognese is Maltese, but scientist could not understand Maltese is the direct ancestor of it or not.

These two dogs are on the list of types of dogs for pets.