Types Of Dogs As Pets

When you look at dogs, you come across those that are ferocious, defensive and angry to look at and there are those that are pretty friendly and can socialize with anyone and are actually very accepting of all sorts of people-regardless of whether or not they know them. Both types of dogs as pets are very useful and helpful in their own way. At the end of the day, a dog is known to be man’s best friend, after all but this depends upon the kind of dog you own. Some dogs may be good types of dogs as pets for the owner but not for other people.

Take the Doberman, for example. These types of dogs as pets are very helpful and useful to owners who want their property and house to be protected and these dogs, though beautiful to look at, are extremely defensive, ferocious and they can attack anyone unless their owners tell them not to. These types of dogs as pets, are good for the owner, but not for the stranger who enters into the house of the owner, as he would be fearful of the risk of getting bit by these dogs and that are understandable!

In contrast take the friendliest types of dogs as pets as an example as well- the Labrador. These dogs are extremely friendly. They are comfortable with pretty much anyone who enters their owners’ houses and they are harmless though the most they do is to bark at another person, they would never bite. They are sociable and get along with all other dogs but the only problem is taking care of them when they grow old- all Labradors are known to get arthritis and become hard of hearing as they reach a certain stage but even then, they maintain their adorable puppy-dog look.

Some types of dogs as pets are very dangerous. Though they take good care of their owners but if they were to be affected by some disease or issue, they could even turn on their owners instead. These are actually banned in some countries or you need to get a license to be able to own these types of dogs as pets. The pit-bull is a classic example of such a dog. These muscular, ferocious and “hard faced” defense dogs are considered to be dangerous because if they bite someone, their jaws get locked and cannot let go unless they are actually, literally, pulled open.

There are also those types of dogs as pets that are very friendly to look at and they are the excellent types of dogs for dog shows as well. A typical example of these types of dogs as pets is poodles. Such dogs are generally more comfortable around their owner but, after a certain time period, open up to others around them and are not very dangerous either. They are actually quite harmless and timid to look at and aren’t like the pit-bull or other defensive dogs in the least way.