Types Of Dog Tumors

Not a lot of people know that dogs to can have many types of dog tumors. You see, all living things will be able to get tumors if they are exposed to different kinds of circumstances or if their lifestyle will not prevent those. The thing is both human and animals alike can get them and this is why it is vital that you know the different types of dog tumors so that you can prevent your dogs from getting one.

20% of dog tumors turn up to be lymphoma. Much like in humans, these types of dog tumors come from the malfunction of the immune system wherein the white blood cells are the ones that suffer. The thing is that white blood cells are the ones that boost the dog’s defenses and hence when they are not doing well the dogs can experience worst. The bad thing about dog lymphoma is that until now the cause is unknown. Among the many different breeds of dogs, the ones that are most likely to get these types of dog tumors are the golden retrievers, Saint Bernard, Airedale Terries, bulldogs, and boxers.

When the types of dog tumors are found in the lining of the blood vessels, they are called hemangiosarcoma. Most dogs that get these types of dog tumors are the ones that are middle aged and older. Much like the cancer in people, hemangiosarcoma will not show signs and symptoms until they are already at a later stage. It develops over time as well. When your dog is diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma, he will most likely experience internal bleeding in the spleen and hence the dog can experience breathing problems, weakness and pale gums. The breeds that are most likely to get hemangiosarcoma include German shepherds and Golden Retrievers.

Osteosarcoma types of dog tumors are those that are affect the bones of the dog. In most cases, osteosarcoma will affect the rear and front limbs of the dogs. However, there have been cases that the tumors were seen on the skull or the ribcage of the dogs. Compared to the other types of dog tumors osteosarcoma tumors are the most aggressive. They spread very quickly as well. This is why when dogs are diagnosed to have these types of dog tumors, the solution is often amputation to take out the primary dog tumor. But there will be chemotherapy sessions to follow to kill the smaller ones. Big dog breeds, such as Great Danes, are the ones that are most likely to get osteosarcoma.

There are many other types of dog tumors. The ones mentioned above are just the most common ones. You see, we all love our pets. They are our companions, they are our friends. This being said, we wouldn’t want them to suffer from having any of these tumors. Hence it is best that you have them checked regularly by your most trusted veterinarian so as to make sure that they are healthy and that their well-being is always maintained to be well.