Types Of Dog Sports

Dogs have long been used for sports and there are a number of types of dog sports that you can let your beloved pet join. You see, the sporting dog group pertains to dogs that are meant to compete. But of course it is very important that you are able to choose the sport that your dog will do best in by getting to know the many types of dog sports.

The most competitive of all types of dog sports are the canine agility sports. These are types of dog sports that make use of obstacle courses. Here, the dogs are asked to jump and travel through different kinds of obstacles. They are asked to navigate different kinds of walkways while running too and they come in a certain order. The dogs do not do these by themselves though. Their owners or trainers will be with them directing them and telling them what to do or where to go next. Given that canine agility is still about agility, this is timed and the dog that can finish the obstacle the quickest will win. Dog breeds that are best for these types of dog sports are the Australian Shepherds as well as Border Collies.

Canine Freestyle is among the types of dog sports that are loved by many. This is because of the fact that among all types of dog sports this is the one that will allow the dogs to perform. Basically, this is doggie dancing. The trainer and the dog will dance a choreographed number and will be scored by an esteemed panel of judges. Border Collies are known to be great in these too.

Conformation types of dog sports are those where purebred dogs only can compete in. Basically, the dogs are asked to just model around and show themselves. The dogs are then judged basing on how well they look based on their breeds. There are some conformation types of dog sports that will require the dogs to go through obstacles too to be able to see their personalities and temperaments as well. All purebred dogs can compete here.

Disc dog competitions are types of dog sports that pertain to Frisbee throwing. Basically, the trainers wil be throwing their Frisbees and the dogs must be able to chase them down and catch them. There are disc competitions that are judged by the distance the dog can catch the Frisbees. Of course, the farther the dog is able to catch the Frisbee the better score they will have.

Dock jumping is a dog sport that is similar to human’s long jump. From a dock, the dog will be asked to jump as far as he can and the one with the farthest distance gets the gold. The trainer will throw a toy for the dog to jump. To make sure that the dog will not get hurt if he does this, instead of sand or ground, they will land on water. The scored of dock jumping will be computed based on distance alone.