Types Of Dog Species

Dogs are one of the most genetically diverse animal species found on this planet, therefore there are many types of dog species and each has a special characteristic associated to it. Dog species are so diverse and so many in number that it is almost impossible to list down each and every species here. However, we can categorise them as per their dominant features like energetic dog species, species meant to be kept as pets, hounding and herding breeds and so on.

TypesOf.com” brings to you some of the main types of dog species:-

Energetic dog species: There is a section of people who prefer fast and energetic dogs over any other species. Examples of this species are Dalmatian, Parson Russell Terrier, Australian Shepherd, Pointer, Vizsla, Siberian Husky etc. There are a few families that cannot do without dogs and for them is a special breed of family dogs that come in all shapes and sizes. Examples are Beagle, Collie, Boxer, Great Dane, Pug and Poodle among many others.

Herding dogs really help keep away cattle and other animals while guarding fields due to their aggressive barking. This is an intelligent dog species that do not sleep and are extremely cautious. A very famous dog of this category is the German shepherd. Puli, Australian Cattle Dog, Belgian Sheepdog, and Canaan Dog are some of the many types of dog species falling under this category.

Another species of dogs that have been useful to mankind since time immemorial is the hunting dog species. They are a diverse breed of dogs that are known for their speed and are extremely reliable. Some of them are tall while some are small but still very competent in the art of hunting and have always assisted hunters. Afghan hound, Greyhound, Harrier, Whippet, Basenji and Bloodhound are some of the famous members of this type of dog species.

There are people who find dogs their perfect companions so much so that they don’t even mind making them their couch partners, Lap dogs serve their purpose and make for perfect companions. Maltese, pug, Pekingese, Bichon FriseYorkshire Terrier are some of the companions. These dog species are adorable and very cute.

There are some large dog species that are known for their huge size and strength. Bullmastiff, German Shepherd Dog, Saint Bernard, Doberman, Bernese Mountain Dogs are the examples. Some medium sized dogs are Keeshond, American Water Spaniel, Bulldog, and Irish Terrier among many other. Like large and medium sized dogs, there are many types of dog species that are small. Some of the examples are Papillon, Affenpinscher, and Dachshund.

Toy dog species is another popular dog species that is loved by many despite not having any special quality like strength, sturdiness and other practical skills. They are fragile and popular with kids as pets. This particular dog species is ideal for competitions as they learn tricks and games quickly. Examples are Brussels griffon, Havanese, Chinese Crested Dogs, Poodle and Shih Tzu among others.

Thus, we can see there are innumerable types of dog species with their unique set of qualities.