Types Of Dog Shepherds

As the name implies, the types of dog shepherds are the dogs that belong to the shepherd group. This is the dog group that is used to herd sheep. However, there are also types of dog shepherds that can be used in herding cows and other animals. Without further ado, here are a few of the many types of dog shepherds that you should get to know well as they are indeed, great.

The German Shepherd is the most famous of the types of dog shepherds. Around the world, we will get to see many people who have German Shepherds as their pets. They are also the ones used in most Canine units as they are very smart and highly trainable. This being said, there are many people who are looking to have German Shepherds to guard their homes and be their best friend as well.

The American White Shepherd are among the types of dog shepherds that look exactly like the German Shepherds. The main difference of these dogs is that, as the name implies, they have white coats. There are no other color combinations present when it comes to the American White Shepherd. They are known to be courageous and fearless too, which makes them good great dogs.

The Belgian Malinois is another member of the types of dog shepherds that are widely used in Canine rescue groups. Most of the time they go with the German Shepherds as they are very trainable like them. They have the same built too. They run very fast and they are very athletic. This being said, there are many people who are looking for a Belgian Malinois to pet and keep at home.

The Belgian Shepherd is a cousin of the Belgian Malinois. However, these types of dog shepherds are very muscular. They have tight skin and their body is very proportional. These types of dog shepherds are very observant too. They are smart and bright. They are protective and very territorial. This makes them great shepherds. This makes them great guard dogs too.

The Bohemian Shepherds are types of dog shepherds that are very furry. They have long fur, unlike most other shepherds. They are medium sized and they are long. The length of their body is known to exceed their height. This is what makes them special. But the best thing about the Bohemian Shepherds is that they are good with children. They are great learners too and they have lots of energy. This is why this is the dog of choice of the people who have many activities. These are the types of dog shepherds that can stand a day playing with you and this is why people like them.

There are many other types of these dogs that you will surely love. Just always remember that the best thing about all these shepherds is that they are smart, active and wise. They can be trained well and they follow orders too and this is why many people love them. Check them out better and you will see how they will be good for you and maybe take home one as well.