Types Of Dog Seizures

In this article you will find some information about dog seizure and about the types of dog seizures. If you are a dog owner, you might want to know what can cause seizure. Dog seizure can be caused by: electrical activity burst within the dog’s brain, type of the cerebral hemispheres. This type of dog disease is frequently connected with: brain abscess, brain tumor, brain injury, heat stroke and so on.

What can cause dog seizures?

There are different causes of dog seizures: bacterial infection, viral infection, structural abnormality, developmental abnormality, allergen, systemic disorder, idiopathic epilepsy. To understand the cause of your dog seizure the best way is to test your dog, very often used test in such cases is a blood test.

There are some different types of dog seizures: generalized, cluster, focal and status.

Generalized Seizure

This kind of seizure is simple to notice, because the affection is visible on the entire body of the dog. Also you can simply notice some dull movements of your dog that is typical for this type of dog seizure. A dog with generalized seizure may lose control of its bowels. Generalized seizure is the most common type seizure.

Cluster Seizure

You can say that a dog has cluster seizures if you notice that the dog had not only one, more than one seizure/day. Cluster seizure is very dangerous, if you notice that your dog has more than one seizure, you might immediately contact its vet, and late contact with a vet may lead to a bad end of your dog’s doses.

Focal Seizures:

This type of dog seizure is also called. Affecting specific part of a dog’s body, facial twitching is characteristic for focal seizure.

Status Epilepticus:

This type of dog seizure is like a ‘’chain of seizures’’ or prolonged seizure. Status Epilepticus seizure is also a very dangerous one. It can damage your dog’s brain; it can cause elevated body temperature and unfortunate death. Dogs with Status Epilepticus must be brought to its vet immediately and then its required to exactly follow the vet’s instructions and pass all needful procedures.

You should also have information about the phases of a Seizure. Pre-octal phase: anxiety signs, apprehension is characteristic for this phase. All dogs with seizure may not have this phase at all.

The second phase is called post-octal phase. This phase may last for minutes or for hours. Stupor, disorientation, blindness is characteristic for post-octal phase.

As you see dog seizure is a very dangerous dog disease and it requires immediate action from you, as a pet owner. When the case is in touch with the health and maybe even life of your lovely pet, you can’t ignore this and think that the problem will be fixed itself. The immediate reaction from you is very important for your dog’s health and life. Each late minute can affect your lovely pet. You might immediately take your dog to its wet or call the emergency, after diagnosis will be done by a vet, you should follow your vet’s instruction very carefully. Remember dog seizure can be bet!