Types Of Dog Puppies

Dog is considered as one of the most lovable pets. At present, there are several types of dog puppies available in market. The types of dog puppies could be defined as the broad categories based upon the following factors:

• Function or work

• Ancestral Forms

Today, the types of dog puppies more generally categorized based upon the ancestral forms and their sub-types from which the puppies descended.

The major types of dog puppies are as follows:

• Companion dogs

• Guard dogs

• Hunting dogs

• Working dogs

• Pariah dogs

• Pastoral dogs

• Sled dogs

• Turnspit dogs

Apart from these broad types of dog puppies, there are many types that are most preferred by the people for their homes as pets. Few of the most preferred breeds of dog puppies are as follows:

Labrador Retriever:

These types of dog puppies are strongly built, medium sized and shorter breeds. These dogs are presented with sound and athletic conformation that are well balanced. These features enable these types of dog puppies to operate as one of the hunting dogs. The most striking features of the Labrador retriever dogs are the short dense coats, weatherproof, clean cut head. In addition to these, they have a broader back skull, powerful jaws, and friendly eyes in addition to the expressing characters, intelligence and a good temperament. The Labrador retriever would be available in three different colors: black, yellow and chocolate. These are medium large puppies that would be born with a gentle demeanor. These dogs would be lively and non aggressive.


The Beagle or more commonly Beagles types of dog puppies are also one of the hunting dogs. More frequently, the beagle types of dog puppies are ranked one among the top ten in the most popular puppies. These puppies would have a large dome shaped head, larger hazel colored eyes, muscular body and a coarse like tail. Because of the smaller sizes of these types of dog puppies, they are easy to tame and to capture. They are presented with attractive looking, good humor and melodious bark. They are more welcomed by the people and sooner they become the family dog. Moreover, these types of dog puppies would adapt easily adapt to the living environments.


These dog puppies would be medium sized with wide shoulders and sturdy limbs. Most generally, the English Bulldogs are very afraid of heat even during the severe dyspnea. These types of dog puppies have a very short face with the upturned nose. The appearances of these dogs would suggest great stability along with the vigor and strength. They have powerful mastiff body and muscles. These dogs are kind and courageous.

Bearded Collie:

These dogs are also known as highland Collie. Their nozzles would have long beards. They are medium-sized with medium length hairs. One of the most outstanding features of these dogs is their smart and curious expression. These dogs are well known for their intelligence, friendliness, liveliness, calmness, and personalities. These are generally good, amiable and are very easy to approach. Moreover, they have very good nursing ability.

Apart from the aforementioned types of dog puppies, there are several other well known breeds in existence.