Types Of Dog Paws

Different dog breeds, different dog sizes, and different dog builds will lead to different types of dog paws. You see, the paws themselves are the same. However, there are many different types of dog paws in terms of how they look and the like. This being said, read on and get to know the many different types of paws as this will give you important information about your dog and how you can do your best to take care of them.

Hare types of dog paws are those that show that the two toes in the center of the paws are longer than the rest. In other words, these are the types of dog paws that look like they were feet of a hare. Basically, hare feet are the long kinds of paws. The dog breeds that have hare feet include Skye Terriers, Greyhounds, Samoyed, Bedlington terrier, and many other dogs of the toy group.

Cat types of dog paws – yes, there are dogs with paws that are like a cats – are those paws wherein the toes are held together in a high arch. These are the types of dog paws that are compact. The main reason behind this is that the third bone is relatively short. The dogs with cat feet are known to be fast movers. This is because of the fact that their paws will not require much energy from them. Also, the dog breeds that have these types of dog paws are known to have a higher level of endurance when they are out in the field. Dog breeds that are known to have cat feet include the Doberman, Akita, Giant Schnauzer, Bull Terrier, Finnish Spitz, and many others.

Dogs that love the water are the ones that have webbed types of dog paws. There are people who think that their dogs have abnormalities when they see that they have webbed feet. But this isn’t true. There are just some dog breeds that, well, have webbed feet. Some well-known breeds that have webbed paws include the Chesapeake Bay retriever, Newfoundland, Portuguese Water Dog, and many others. You see, like any other living things, dogs adapt to. Hence if they are the kinds of dogs that love the water, you can expect that these dogs will have the webbed types of dog paws.

There are also paper types of dog paws. These are the paws that are flat and, well, paper like. There are some dog breeds that have splay foot too. These are the dog paws that are flat but have toes that are outwardly spread. Well, no matter what kinds of paws your dogs have, the important part is that you keep them neat and clean. There are many different tools that you can get from canine stores to help do make sure that the paws are always neat and clean. There are nail cutters for dogs too. Long story cut short, it doesn’t really matter what kinds of paws your dogs have as long as you maintain them well at all times.