Types Of Dog Insurance

Dog insurance is becoming more and more important each day as the vet fee and related expenses are shooting up these days. If you are concerned about your dog and at the same time if you can’t afford the vet bills, you should be looking for a type of dog insurance that can cover up your needs. There are different types of dog insurances available and you have to be careful in selecting the right plan for your dog.


This one among the different types of dog insurance policies that covers the vet expenses of your dog for its lifetime and apparently is one of the best policies. Even though this policy should be renewed annually, it covers everything concerning your dog’s health. This particular policy takes care of conditions that existed prior to taking the policy in case of recurrence during the policy period. This policy makes sure that your dog gets the best health care without giving you the headache of huge expenses.

To talk about the cons of lifetime dog insurance policy, one negative side would be its cost. Expense is comparatively larger with the renewal fee and premium payments.


Per condition dog insurance is one among the different types of dog insurances whose coverage is capped and this policy is a selective type of dog insurance. The capping and selectiveness brings down the premium amounts and total cost of the policy. In this type of dog insurance, a maximum limit is set for each conditions and your dog will get coverage for bills that come under the limit for the particular condition that is selected.

Once you have reached the maximum coverage for a particular condition of your dog, you cannot claim anymore for the recurrence of that condition even if the policy is still under its time period. It can be a con incase if a particular condition recur frequently.


This is yet another one among different types of dog insurances policy is time capped and considered to be amongst the cheapest dog insurance policies. In annual dog insurance coverage, a limit is put on the time period over a condition to be claimed and the policy will cover for any illness or condition for twelve months or until the specified claim limit is reached within that period of time. This type of dog insurance policy is considered to be the most cost effective policy for conditions that occur in short term.

This insurance policy cannot be suggested for dogs with long term illnesses or conditions that recur for a long time.


This is one type of dog insurance policy that covers your dog’s vet bills occurred due to accidents and excludes cover for other conditions such as illness. Such different types of dog insurances are cheap but are of not much use since they will cover only the expenses caused due to accidents.

Surveys have proved that only less than 30% of people who opted for this policy really claimed for it in the time period.